Water Jokes for Kids bring water puns to a whole new level. Share these funny school appropriate jokes while traveling to the water park, beach, splash pad or pool.

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40+ Water Jokes for Kids

  1. What do you get when you throw a billion books into the ocean? A title wave!
  2. What happens if you throw a white hat into the Black Sea? It gets wet!
  3. Who carries out operations in water? A sturgeon.
  4. What do mermaids sleep on? They sleep on water beds, of course!
  5. As raindrops say, two’s company, but three’s a cloud.
  6. Where can you find an ocean with no water? On a map!
  7. Why did the ocean break up with the pond? Because she thought he was too shallow.
  8. What did the ocean say to the beach? Nothing, it just waved!
  9. What did the sink say to the water faucet? You’re a real drip.
  10. Why is the ocean always on time? She likes to stay current.
  11. What is the king’s favorite type of precipitation? Hail, of course!
  12. What is another king’s favorite type of precipitation? Reign!
  13. Why were the student’s grades underwater? They were all below C level.
  14. If H2O is the formula for water, what is the formula for ice? H2O cubed.
  15. What do you get when you pour boiling water down a rabbit hole? Hot cross bunnies.
  16. What kind of rocks are never under water? Dry ones!
  17. What happens when you get water on a table? It becomes a pool table.
  18. What kind of hair did the ocean have? Wavy, of course.
  19. Why are oceans so meticulous? They like to be pacific.
  20. Why do male dogs float in water? Because they’re good buoys.
  21. Why do sharks only swim in salt water? Because pepper always makes them sneeze.
  22. When does it rain money? When there is “change” in the weather.
  23. How did the raindrop ask another raindrop on a date? He asked her “Water you doing tonight?”
  24. How do you make a water bed more bouncy? You use spring water, obviously.
  25. That Awkward moment when you pay $2 for Evian water and notice if spelled backward you’re Naive.
  26. What did the bottled water tell the spy? The names bond, Hydrogen bond.
  27. RIP Boiled water….you will be mist.
  28. Adele might set fire to rain… But SpongeBob can make a campfire underwater.
  29. What did the beaver say after she slipped in the water? Dam it.
  30. Why are some fish at the bottom of the ocean? Because they dropped out of school!
  31. What do you call it when a guy throws his laptop into the ocean? Adele, Rollin’ in the Deep.
  32. Who cleaned the bottom of the ocean? A Mer-Maid
  33. What runs, but never walks? Water!
  34. Knock knock! Who’s there? Water? Water who? Water you waiting for? Open the door!
  35. Why does water never laugh at jokes? It isn’t a fan of dry humor.
  36. What is drinking water’s favorite form of dance? Tap. 
  37. Where do water droplets go to settle arguments? The Supreme Quart.
  38. What keeps a dock floating above water? Pier pressure.
  39. Why do poets always write about the sea? They just can’t fathom her depths. 
  40. What are the 2 reasons why you shouldn’t drink toilet water? Number 1 and Number 2.
  41. Why did the lake date the river? He heard that she had a bubbly personality.
  42. Why are pirates so happy? They seas the day!
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More Water Jokes for Kids (Updated)

  1. What do you get when you throw a billion books into the ocean? A title wave!
  2. Who cleaned the bottom of the ocean? A Mer-Maid
  3. How do you close an envelope under water? With a seal.
  4. What did one tidal pool say to the other tidal pool?S how me your mussels.
  5. What did the pacific ocean say to the Atlantic ocean? Nothing it just waved
  6. What do you call a hairy monster in a river? A weir-wolf!
  7. What do you call an old snowman? Water!
  8. What do you get when you pour hot water down a rabbit hole? Hot cross bunnies.
  9. What happens if you throw a red sun hat in the water?It gets wet!
  10. What kind of bath can you take without water? A sun bath.
  11. What kind of water cannot freeze? Hot water.
  12. What happens when a robot falls into muddy water? It gets wet and muddy!
  13. What kind of water does an Angel like? Holy Water!
  14. Why do fish live in saltwater? Because pepper makes them sneeze!
  15. What letter is always wet? C.
  16. If H2O means water, then what is H2O4? It is for drinking and swimming, of course.
  17. Who performs operations in the water? A sturgeon.
  18. What does a Teacher give to her student’s grades underwater? She gives them all below C level.
  19. After the party, what does the ocean say to the shore? Sea you!
  20. Which player holds water? The pitcher!
  21. What does the sea say to the river? You can run, but you can’t tide.
  22. How do you determine the gender of a starfish? If it floats on the water, it is buoyant.
  23. Which rock does not like to swim underwater? Dry rock.
  24. What did everyone say when the rainwater fell and died? He would be MIST.
  25. Why did the ocean break up with the pond? He thought she was too shallow.
  26. Why do scuba divers fall backward into the water? Because if they fell forwards, they would still be in the boat.
  27. What is the most hated subject of ocean creatures? Algae-bra.
  28. How do you get a water bed more bouncy? Add spring water.
  29. How does the faucet work with all its intricate mechanisms? The mechanism works in sink.
  30. What do you call a water marathon? A livestream.
  31. Why did the melon jump into the ocean? It wanted to be a water-melon.
  32. What did the water say to his annoying friend? Water-ver!
  33. Why is it always so noisy when there is an opera in the clouds? Because there are too many thunderclaps.
  34. How does a cloud invest?T hrough liquid assets.
  35. What do you call when raining coins? A change in the weather.
  36. Who keeps the ocean clean? The janitor fish.
  37. Why do the 2 fish bump into each other? They don’t sea each other.
  38. How do oceans like their news? Current.
  39. What is the favorite snack of a snowflake? Icebergers.
  40. If orange soda dropped in the ocean and it went orange, what would you call it? A Fanta-Sea.
  41. How did the crab get to the ocean?By shell-icopter.
  42. Why did the fish not like to swim in the jacuzzi? Because it was too bubbly.
  43. What keeps the ocean intact and does not let the water leak out? Because the ocean has seals.
  44. What did one concerned river say to the other? Why are you so blue?
  45. Why did the ocean want to leave the party early?B ecause it was getting really tide.
  46. hat did the poor man do with his marvelous painting? He pond it.
  47. What does the student fish get in their report cards? Their marks were below SEA level.
  48. What does a shark say when he’s confused? Can you please be more S-Pacific?
  49. Where do mummies go swimming? The Dead Sea.
  50. How do you get a pen across some water? Biro-ing.
  51. Why does the river have problems remembering things? Because she is becoming sea nile.
  52. here are two reasons why you should never drink toilet water. Number one. And number two.
  53. How do you know if an ant is a boy or a girl? If you toss it in the water and it sinks, it’s a girl. If the ant floats, it’s a buoyant.
  54. How do you make holy water? Make sure to boil the hell out of it.
  55. Why do scuba divers fall backwards into the water? Because if they fell forwards, they would still be in the boat.
  56. What did Snoop Dog need to get an umbrella? Fo’ Drizzle.
  57. What did one water bottle say to another? Water you doing today?
  58. Why does the river never get lost? She always finds the right pathwave.
  59. What can you do if you are the ocean? Watever you want.
  60. Why don’t you see a school in the ocean? They just can’t wade through all that homework.
  61. Why won’t sharks attack lawyers? Professional courtesy.
  62. What is the ocean’s favorite lullaby? Row, Row, Row Your Boat.
  63. What did an impatient pot of water say to the noodles? Udon!?
  64. What do you call two days of rain in a row in Seattle? The weekend.
  65. What do you call a wet teddy bear? A drizzly bear.
  66. Where do meteorologists like to drink after work? The closest ISOBAR.
  67. Why are the Great Lakes running out of water? Because Americans are drinking Canada Dry.
  68. What do you call it when you get a month’s worth of rain at once? England.
  69. What state does the Mississippi River flow in? Liquid.
  70. What did the river say when it saw beavers for the first time? “Well, I’ll be dammed.”
  71. What do you call a car focused on crossing the river? Ford Focus.
  72. What kind of exchange medium do raindrops use? Rain check
  73. What did the woman say when she heard that river joke? It is a dam good one!
  74. What is the process of throwing money in the river called? Cash flow.
  75. What did the beach say to the tide when it came in? Hey! Long time, no sea.
  76. What does a mermaid use to call her friends? Through shell phone, of course!
  77. Why does ice cream always get invited to the sea? It’s cool.
  78. How did the boiled water pay for her new house? With hydrogen bonds.
  79. What would you call the citizens of Paris going for a bath in the river? In-Seine.
  80. What do you call a famous well? Well-known.
  81. What do you call raining candies? Sprinkles
  82. Which section of the newspaper did the seaweed search for jobs? Kelp wanted.
  83. Why did the ocean restaurant still keep going even after suffering losses? Because it was serving the “porpoise”.

How to Use Kids Water Jokes

  • Download Water Jokes for Kids file and save.
  • Print on paper.
  • Use a plastic page protector or laminate for use by the water
  • Then take turns telling jokes and let the bonding begin
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen so you won’t sunscream later!

I’m Not Joking About Jokes

Jokes and puns are not only funny but encourage vocabulary development and higher-level thinking to understand the play on words that make them funny. So, think of jokes and puns as a dual-purpose activity because laughter makes you happy and higher-level thinking activities grow your brain!

Jokes, Jokes, Jokes

Not trying to be a smartie pants, but a good laugh can turn a not so good day around like drinking water can wash away a headache. Infusing humor in the form of school jokes for kids like these will not only lighten moods but encourage higher level thinking.

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