This witch drawing is my newest learning how to draw step-by-step tutorial appropriate for young students or anyone who wants to try this friendly gal!

Easy witch drawing on a broom
Easy Witch Drawing

Here at Skip to My Lou, I try to supply easy drawing tutorials with simple steps for each holiday and season of the year. If you are into Halloween, check out this Pumpkin Drawing and How to Draw a Bat and jack o lantern. It’s the time of year to start thinking about pumpkins, spiders, and the spooky black cat sitting beside the witch’s cauldron! I hope you will feel you can draw a cartoon with ease.

Supplies for Drawing Lesson

This little witch tutorial requires only a few supplies!

  • piece of a paper
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • black marker to outline at the end if you like

How to Draw a Witch on a Broom Step by Step

  1. In step one, at the top of the page, draw the face, short hair, and witch’s hat. Start by sketching a triangle tilted to the right for the beginning of the witch’s pointy hat. Add a hatband and draw the very top leaning over as shown. Under the hat draw an oval face and spikey short hair hanging down below the hat.
  2. In step two, draw the details on witch’s face. Starting at the forehead sketch the eyebrow arching up almost to the brim of the hat. Under the eyebrows, make two oval eyes. Place a smaller oval with a dot inside each to finish the eyes. Add ears peeking out of the spikey hair. Draw the ears like half circles with details like the picture shows.
  3. In step three, the rest of the details for the witch’s face will be drawn. Start with the witch’s nose. It is a half-circle, leaning to the left, placed between the eyes. Draw the cheeks by sketching 2 small ovals directly under the eyes. Now move down the face and draw a half-circle for the mouth and make two humps for the tongue as shown.
  4. Moving on, draw the body of the witch. Start by drawing a short neck consisting of 2 lines angled down from the face. Draw the left side of her body like she is sitting on a broomstick. Her knees are bent and her witch robe has a curvy hemline to show she is flying. On the other side of her body, her arm is angled up and the sleeve of her robe makes a triangle shape at the end. Draw her back and bottom to look like she is sitting on her broom as shown.witch body
  5. In step five, draw a small witch cape that ties in front and hangs down her back.
  6. Draw the witch’s hand with a thumb and four fingers. Next sketch a curved line at her legs.
  7. In step seven, add her other arm, hand, and broomstick. The arm is made with 2 lines angling down from the cape. The robe flares at the end like a triangle. Only draw her thumb and pointer finger, the other fingers cannot be seen in this drawing. Now use parallel lines that angle down from the left to make the stick.
  8. In step eight, draw the shape of the broom at the bottom of the broomstick. The top of the straw is drawn by making a circle around the stick and then another a little way down. This represents the straw being gathered and tied to the stick. The bottom of the straw flows down into a flame shape.
  9. The last step is the place to add the witch’s shoes and final details like adding a wart on her chin. You could also add some lines to make some broom to draw a witch

Easy Step by Step Witch Drawing Guide

how to draw a witch step by step
How to Draw a Witch Step by Step

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