I’ve got a cute little craft that is fun for all ages (even age 33!) Wood chip necklaces!wood chip necklace resized kids craftsHere’s what you need to make your own:

Wood chips

something to drill a hole in the wood chip


necklace or keychain


You can find a bag of wood chips at Walmart or Joanns.  There are a variety of sizes–some are a little too big for necklaces or keychains. (but I’m already working on something fun to do with those!)wood chip diy


You will need to drill a hole in the top to add your keychain or necklace….

drill hole in wood chips

I use my husband’s drill and it makes it go real fast! Make sure to get close to the top so you can add a jump ring or keychain…but not too close or it will break!


There are tons of ways to decorate–Just grab some paint and let them go! (you could use markers if you aren’t a paint fan!)

time to paint wood chips

I thought this would be a great camping craft–and if you have mad skills with a saw you could even make your own wood chips–then use leaves or flowers as stencils!

and…you can make them reversible!!

reversible double sided wood chip necklace

Then add chains….or rope or twine with beads or a even a keychain!

painted kids necklace

You could also do fun friendship bracelets and add these as charms!

friendship bracelets

They turned out super fun and we all wanted to make about a dozen!necklace necklace ideas


Here are the ones my kids made:

kids keychain

(my oldest two are using them on their backpacks as zipper pulls)fun wood chip necklace....great kids craftsMake sure to check out some other fun Kids craft ideas HERE

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