Whether you need to entertain a group at a party or entertain a few kids Would You Rather Questions are the perfect fun activity. It is easy to play this game with free Would You Rather Questions for Kids printable cards.

We also love to share a smile with cute kids jokes our Laffy taffy jokes or 50 hilarious kids jokes. These are always great for a good laugh!

would you rather

Would You Rather

Have you ever played Would You Rather? It is that fun questions game that poses a dilemma with two equally good, bad, or funny options.  Some would you rather questions are deep and thought-provoking, while others may be simply silly and just fun to answer.

Would you RAther Questions

These kid-friendly “Would You Rather” questions will have you laughing and learning about your friends and family. There is nothing quite as much fun as playing a game of Would You Rather for a family gathering or party.

I even have a summer edition that is a great way to keep the conversation flowing on a summer road trip. If you want more ways to get your kids laughing be sure to tell your kids these 50 hilarious kids jokes!

would you rather questions printable on yellow paper

How to Make your own Would You Rather Game

Grab a wide-mouth canning jar and get ready to print. Download the Would You Rather quiz questions and print on card stock. I painted the metal ring with DecoArt gloss acrylic paint to give it some pizazz.  This DecoArt paint works great on metal. (affiliate links included in this paragraph)

free printable —> {click here to download  Would You Rather Questions}

Cut out the circle and the Would You Rather cards (questions).

would you rather questions

Put the questions inside the wide-mouth mason jar. The circle will fit perfectly inside the canning lid.

What are some Good Would You Rather Questions?

Some of the questions you see online can be, well, questionable.  There are Would You Rather Questions for couples that are more focused on a love life or other mature topics. These are good clean ones.

They are great Would You Rather Questions for kids. You won’t believe how these funny questions will help you get to know your child a bit better. This is a fun and interesting way to get your child talking – and they’re fun for adults, too.

Have some amazing conversations by asking “why” after the would you rather question. At our home, we are working hard to live life noticing each other and sharing our time and attention with each other. This game does just that and helps us relax after a day of working and to have fun times! Your family too will have a great time!

would you rather game

Here are The BEST Would you rather questions for kids (and adults)

These questions are sure to bring fun and laughter to your get-together. Don’t worry, these are not hard would you rather questions.

Would you rather:

  • meet the president of the United States or your favorite movie star?
  • be completely invisible for one day or be able to fly for one day?
  • be a kangaroo or a horse?
  • live without the internet or live without AC and heating?
  • go to the beach in the summer or skiing in the winter?
  • be fabulously famous and poor or unknown and rich?
  • have a completely automated home or a self-driving car?
  • win an Academy Award or an Olympic Gold Medal?
  • live on the beach or in a cabin in the woods?
  • have to eat a bowl full of crickets or a bowl full of worms?
  • lose your sense of taste or your sense of smell?
  • live on a houseboat or in an RV?
  • live in space or under the sea?
  • be able to talk with animals or speak all foreign languages?
  • have a unicorn horn or a squirrel tail?
  • be able to see 10 minutes into your own future or 10 minutes into somebody else’s future?
  • become someone else or just stay you?
  • give up watching TV/movies for a year or give up playing games for a year?
  • own your own boat or your own plane
  • be able to fly or be invisible?
  • brush your teeth with ketchup or mustard?
  • live without a cell phone or a TV?
  • be covered in fur or covered in scales?
  • have no eyebrows or only one eyebrow?
  • drive a beautiful, sleek sports car that was unreliable or an ugly, dented, rust-covered car that never broke down?
  • never eat your favorite five foods again or only eat your favorite five foods for the rest of your life?
  • have more time or more money?

mobilize your game

Make this a mobile game by saving the “Would You Rather” question list as a picture on your phone! By doing this you can take it with you when you’re on the go. This way you and your friends can have fun when you are out and about, waiting in lines, and have some downtime.

phone would you rather questions

More Would You Rather Questions FUNNY!

I posted earlier about playing this as a fun travel game. You might like these Would You Rather game for kids, the summer vacation edition. They are perfect for playing while driving in a car, waiting in line, sitting at the pool, or chatting at dinner.

When you need to add more questions to your game here is another set of would you rather questions to print and add to your game.

Would you rather:

  • win the lottery or live twice as long?
  • go to an amusement park with roller coasters or a water park?
  • give up social media or heating and air conditioning?
  • eat ice cream in a bowl or in a cone?
  • read minds or be invisible?
  • lose your keys or your wallet?
  • have a million dollars or a penny doubled every day for thirty days? (hint: take a penny doubled)
  • play a villain or a hero in a movie?
  • have your first child when you are 18 years old or when you are 40 years old?
  • have smelly feet or bad breath?
  • wear a clown nose or clown feet?
  • look ten years older or ten years younger?
  • live in a treehouse or on a boat?

—–> download more Would You Rather printable questions

would you rather

Right Here All the Questions You Need!

So lets recap here are all the questions to download:

I really like things that keep the conversation going at dinner and parties.  We also use conversation starters at dinner time. In fact, I keep a set of question cards printed up – do you?

dinner conversation starters

Family Games Ideas

If you are looking for more ways to enjoy your family, check out these family game ideas.  This printable hearts to hearts game is super fun too.  

We also love playing JackBox games. Have you seen these games?  They are perfect if your entire family has cell phones.  You play the game on an Xbox, PlayStation, etc., and use your phone as your controller.

The Jackbox games are so much fun and something a wide age range of people enjoy! We play them when we get together with our extended family.  We have party pack 2 but will be getting more games to keep things interesting.

More Fun Stuff for Kids

I hope you like enjoy playing this fun game with family and friends. It will ensure an interesting conversation!

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