I love candy corn, especially when mixed with dry roasted salted peanuts. It tastes like a Payday candy bar. YUM. Here are some more fun candy corn ideas….

Loving these Candy Corn Parfaits made by Julie (thanks to Mischelle for sharing this awesome blog — so many other ideas to enjoy on both blogs)


So clever, Candy Corn Look-A-Like Pizza (among other fun Halloween food ideas), from the great Our Best Bites blog.

candy corn pizza

Cute Candy Corn shaped cookies from The Recipe Girl.


Land O Lakes even shows how to make sparkling candy corn shaped cookies.


Of course Martha never lets us down and shares these so simple candy corn cookies.


Want something totally delicious?  Homebased Mom has outdone herself with this Candy Corn Bark — oh my!


Homebased Mom also shares these darling candy corn cupcakes.


I didn’t realize that you can even make your own homemade candy corn. Cakespy gives a great tutorial.


Adults might like a Candy Corn Cordial with candy corn infused vodka from the Food Network.


These candy corn cheese and crackers from Better Homes and Gardens, are a great way to keep the theme going.


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  1. Hi! Thanks for the shout out on the Candy Corn Parfait! I love your blog and I’m totally blushing right now!

  2. Shoot! I rarely celebrate Halloween, but all this fun stuff is making me think again!

  3. Some of these ideas are great, but would you agree that candy corn itself is ridiculous? It’s gotta be one of the worst candies ever.

  4. Great Ideas!
    I love mixing candy corn, cocktail peanuts & m&m’s together! The different tastes & textures are delish!

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