My son brought this darling shirt origami card home from school for Father’s Day. With a piece of white copy paper and a few origami folds, he made an amazing card for Dad!

Dad might also like to see how much you love him with this Father’s Day Coloring Page. If you need a great gift that lasts all year check out the DIY Coupon Book for Dad.

shirt origami

When you open this Father’s Day folded shirt card up, there is plenty of room to write dad a sweet note. The addition of the tie allows for extra decorating or the addition of a sweet message on the outside of the card.

inside of origami card

Supplies Needed for the Father’s Day Shirt

This card is actually really quick and simple to make.  All you need is an 8 1/2″ X 11″ sheet of typing paper for the shirt and a scrap of paper for the tie.

paper for fathers day card

How to Make a Origami Shirt and Tie

Step-by-Step Photo and instructions for the shirt

Begin by placint the paper lengthwise and folding each side of the paper into the middle so the edges tough.

page of paper position lengthwise with each side of the paper folded in to the middle so edges can touch

Open up the page and fold in the bottom corners.

the page of paper is opened and the lower corners are folded in tothe crease of the paper on each side

Again fold sides of the page in towards the middle.

refold the sides of the paper in towards the middle

Fold the bottom up to where the bottom corners were folded in. Then, slightly open the bottom fold. Fold area above the fold at an angle and push the straight edge of the first bottom corner folds out to form a point (sleeves of the shirt).

the bottom of the paper where the corners have been folded is folded upward making points that will be the sleeves of the origami shirt

It should look like this when finished.

the page of paper with the origami shirt sleeves folds completed

Turn paper over and fold down the top edge about 1/2″.

the folded paper has been turned over and a half inch fold has been made in the end opposite the sleeves; this fold makes the collar

Turn the card back over and fold each top corner to the center.

two angled folds are made turning the collar of the shirt forward collar for fathers day shirt

Bring the bottom of the paper up to the top.

a crease is being made by folding the sleeve region of the shirt up to the collar of the sirt for the fathers day shirt card

Tuck the folded bottom edge under the collar of the shirt and then crease the bottom (center crease when card is open).

the sleeve region of the shirt has bee folded up to the collar and tucked under the collar finishing the origami shirt fathers day card

Photos and instructions for the tie

Now for the tie. Cut a tie shape about 5 3/4″ long by 3/4″ wide and the top to 1″ wide at the bottom.

origami shirt with tie

Fold top behind at an angle about 2 ” from the top.

folded tie for origami shirt card; an angle fold has been made on the tie at the top

Bring the top edge over the top and across the tie.

the edge of the folded portion of the tie was folder over the front of the tie

Now tuck the end behind the tie.

the edge of the folded portion of the tie was folded around the back and tucked into the angle fold; the white paper origami tie is finished

Glue the tie to the front of the card under the collar.

blue origami shirt with white tie attached

Decorating the FAther’s Day shirt Origami Card

Decorate and you have an awesome card to let dad know how special he is! My son thinks (and so do I) that decorating is just as fun as making the origami shirt card. If you want to jazz up the shirts, by using patterned paper and make fun Hawaiian shirts!

origami card for fathers day decorated with stripes and polka dots

Some dads and their kids prefer bow ties. If this is you can cut out a piece of paper in the shape of a bow tie and glue it on. However, if you really like origami you can make and attach one of these adorable origami ties (this origami idea comes from The Spruce Crafts).

This list are some of the supplies I have found work well for this project – especially well for little kids who love to draw and color. If you have kids who love stickers they can use them as well. Just set them free to have loads of fun. (Affiliate links included in this section.)

More Origami Projects

Did you know you can even turn a dollar bill into a money origami shirt?

This easy origami card is a great Father’s Day craft for kids. With little supervision, your little ones can make their Father’s Day origami card all on their own. Which we all know makes it all the more special!

Wishing you all the best on this special holiday! I hope you enjoy this Father’s Day Card!

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  1. I love this card! I’m definitely going to try this with my kids!

  2. I’ve always been fascinated by origami. This is such a cute idea and easy to do!

  3. That is cute and creative – too bad my husband doesn’t wear a tie to work….

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