If you’re looking for a new computer, android, or iPhone wallpaper and love the color black, you’re in luck! I’m sharing a free black heart wallpaper you can use on all of your devices right now. It’s one of our most popular wallpapers here at Skip To My Lou!

This cute wallpaper is great for people whose style is dark and mysterious but still love having the shape of a heart in their notebooks, home decor, and of course, their phones. Our hearts over a black background free png are completely free and very easy to use.

Black Heart Background Wallpaper For Computer

Black heart background sized for computers with hearts in different sizes and other designs. from Skip to my lou
Let your computer match your style!

This grey background has cute black hearts and some sparkles. A great way to keep your computer stylish! It’s the perfect size for most resolution sizes! Just right-click on the image, download it, and go to your settings to use it as wallpaper.

Black Heart Background Wallpaper for Mobile Phone

Black heart background sized for phones with hearts in different sizes and other designs. from Skip to my lou
A lovely and mysterious phone background!

This black wallpaper fits all phone screens too, and it matches your computer background too. Isn’t it so cute?! Download it by pressing and holding the image, save it, go to your gallery app, and select use as background. That’s it!


If you’ve ever wondered what the black heart emoji means, here it is! To begin with, a heart is a heart, meaning that hearts always represent love and affection, no matter what color. It can also be used to represent dark humor or, depending on the context, shows mourning or loss. You can also use it when you’re feeling emotional or not being understood.


Black is such a strong color with many different meanings! It can represent mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication. At the same time, it can also be used to represent sadness and anger. It’s a color of many sentiments!

Prefer a different color? We’ve got you!

Choose your favorite color heart wallpaper below for more free downloadable desktop and mobile wallpapers!

MORE Heart ideas For you

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