Christmas Tree Napkins are an easy project sew for a festive table. This easy project can be whipped up in minutes and is an easy beginner sewing project.

If you sewing for the holidays how about making some sewn gifts. Friends will love that you made something special just for them.

Christmas Tree Napkin Tutorial

How to Make Sewn Christmas Tree Napkins

Here are the supplies you will need to make 4 napkins.

Here is What You Need:

  • 2 coordinating half yards of fabric
  • coordinating thread
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • bowl or lid for template

Step By Step Instructions

Take your two half yards of fabric and keep them folded together and layer them on top of one another.

Step One: Cut out a large circle through the four layers of fabric. I used a large pyrex lid as a guide, but they need to be approximately 18″ in diameter.

Step Two: Fold the four pieces of fabric in half and cut down the center creating eight half circles.

Christmas Tree Napkin Tutorial

Step Three: Match the eight half circles with another half circle of a different fabric. Place them right sides together and pin.

Step Four: Sew almost all the way around the half circles, pivoting at the corners and leaving about a 1.5″ opening for turning.

Step Five: Clip the corners, turn right side out, and press.

Step Six: Fold

How to Fold a Christmas Tree Napkin

Turning a circle into a Christmas tree napkin fold is super easy! Use the diagram below, press, and you’re all set for Christmas dinner!

Christmas Tree Napkin Tutorial

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  1. Hello Sladjana, as you can see from the pictures we used a half circle to make the tree. I am sure there are many possibilities for creating different shaped trees

  2. I m sorry to say this is not the right pattern for folding this shape- it s not the half circle you can fold like this, it is half circle a little bit extended in the lower part…

  3. Christmas tree napkin tutorial was so easy. What a nice craft to give away at Christmas. Either a set of four or a set of eight. Get 8 napkin rings and you are all set.
    Thanks for the patterns.

  4. Is this a downloadable tutorial= I cannot get it to download. Thank you very much. These napkins are lovely and I would love to make some.

  5. Love the tree napkin I’m going to make my daughter a set for Christmas gift ..Thank you for the great tutorial and the pattern..

  6. For my 18th birthday, my mom made me a scrapbook of memories we had shared together. It was so sweet.

  7. What a cute idea! These would make wonderful gifts as well as for Christmas dinners.
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. How cute! I’m for sure going to make these napkins. They look pretty easy to make with not a whole lot of materials. Thanks for sharing!

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