This printable daily schedule can help us get into a productive routine!

If you prefer a week at glance this printable weekly planner will keep you on track.

Daily Schedule Template

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Under the best circumstances, time management can be a challenge. This daily schedule printable is a great way to have good habits and start your day off right.

Why is it important to have a daily schedule?

When situations are unpredictable, uncontrollable and prolonged we can experience great anxiety.  A schedule provides routine and allows us to feel like we have a bit more control over our situation. We often find we handle change and uncertainty better if we can establish a familiar routine.  A predictable routine allows us to feel safe!

At our home, we tried just going with the flow and realized the lack of structure was causing our kids to break down and feel out of control and overwhelmed. By establishing a daily schedule we gave our family structure that has brought some measure of comfort and predictability. It was helpful to let each family member create their own structure and rhythm (within reason).

Feeling Capable!

While you might hear a few moans, chores actually make kids feel capable and a valuable member of the family. Kids really do want help and will derive great satisfaction and pride complete a task. Chores can be a great self-esteem builder. Here is a printable chore chart to print for free!

Keeping Positive!

This printable daily schedule has a place to show gratitude and also something we are looking forward to. Trying to stay positive is important. Kids especially might be feeling overwhelmed and not know how to express their feelings.  The emojis at the bottom will allow them to share and you check in on their mood and feelings.

Be sure to keep the mood upbeat! You might like to keep these funny jokes handy! These positive affirmation cards can be printed and tucked into places to provide encouragement. Focus on the needs of others. Caring for shut-ins will help them and also give us a purpose. These ideas are great to keep energy levels high!

I hope you find this printable daily planner helpful and helps you with your daily routines and make all your days a little bit better.❤️



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