I love a do it yourself project! These wooden log tea light holders are an easy way to create a festive tablescape.

Wood Candle Holders

Cut logs in varrying heights with a saw.

Drill a hole the size of the tea light. We used a 1 1/2 inch drill bit and drilled 1/2 to 5/8 inch deep.

Place in a tea light and you have  inexpensive (free except for the candles) table decor. For Thanksgiving I gathered some pinecones and bittersweet. I am so excited to change it up for our Christmas table with evergreen and Christmas ornaments.


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Lowe’s challenged me to create some holiday decor this month. You can too! Lowe’s has all the tools you need. Check out their Lowe’s Creative Ideas blog and be inspired! You can find Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook and don’t forget to pick up a FREE Subscription to Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine:

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Disclosure, Lowe’s provided me with a gift card for supplies, the thoughts, opinions and ideas are all mine! I really do love Lowe’s!

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  1. These are great! I like how they transitioned from fall to winter. I just need a saw now 🙂

  2. These are a simple pretty way to decorate a table – if worried about fire all the new fake flickering candles would work. You could also use votive candle holders which would keep the flame from the wood – obviously any decoration that uses real candles requires supervision. Another idea to dress up the logs is to use the paint on “snow” add a little prism glitter and get a gorgeous Christmas winter effect!

    I love your idea! Thanks for sharing

  3. These are gorgeous and I LOVE this idea… but what happens when the candle burns down and the wood catches on fire?! It just seems really scary!

  4. Doing designs and homemade projects at home should be fun, and it is another thing that you can turn into small business from home once you get the hang of what you are producing. Candles are invariably a well-liked gift, considering they are for virtually any season of the year, they create excellent gifts, and you may put all the creativity as you have in to the candle making designs that you just come up with. This web site is ideal for reinforcing these details and ideas.

  5. I made a bunch of these out of birch wood for my wedding. Yours are gorgeous too. Great idea 😉

  6. Sounds extremely dangerous. The candles can overheat making the whole candle burst into a big torch! The wood will very easily catch fire in this situation. I have had several occasions of candles like this overheating and e.g breaking the glass container they have been sitting on. Candles should ALWAYS be burned on a non-burning surface (and certainly not something like dry wood).

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