This month the Michael’s Makers are crafting up a beautiful fall!  Today it is all about pumpkins!  To kick off fall in your own home, visit and check out the variety of craft pumpkins available – there is every color, shape and size you could ever want!  There are tons of ways to DIY your own craft pumpkin for your home, a party or even as a gift. I am sharing this fall wreath idea. 
fall wreath idea

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, Michaels recently started selling these fun half pumpkins, perfect for fall décor wall mounts and fun signs.  I grabbed a half pumpkin, grapevine wreath with a basket on the front and some floral embellishments.

fall wreath supplies

The half pumpkin slips right into the basket. Now all I had to do was add some details.

fall wreath tutorial

How to print on burlap

You will be amazed with just the perfect trick you can print on burlap with your home printer. All you need is burlap and HeatnBond Lite. It is a fusible interfacing.

how to print on burlap supplies

Cut a piece of the interfacing and the burlap each 8 1/2 inches X 11 inches.

how to print on burlap tutorial

Following the manufacturer’s instructions for the interfacing iron it to the burlap. Trim any any burlap or paper so it is exactly 8 1/2 inches X 11 inches or slightly smaller.

how to print on burlap instrustions


Place the interfacing backed burlap in your printer tray so that it will print on the burlap. For my printer I placed the burlap face down. Download the welcome bunting template and print.  It prints like butter! I am thrilled every time I do it! It just doesn’t seem possible but it works!

how to print on burlap

Peel away the paper backing from the interfacing. There will be a film left on the burlap.  This film is heat sensitive so for another purpose you could iron the burlap to something. In this case, it gives the burlap weight and keeps the edges from fraying.

printing on burlap tips

Cut out the flags.

burlap bunting

Wrap the top of the flag over a piece of twine and fasten with hot glue.

how to make burlap bunting

Tie the welcome bunting to the grapevine wreath and add a few floral embellishments and you are done!  If you like burlap, check out this cute fall burlap wreath tutorial.

Fall Wreath 650

If you’re in need of more fall décor inspiration here is another burlap wreath perfect for fall.

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