I have been working with an online designer to give my home a new look.  I am slowly moving along on my home Room By Room and enjoying every minute of the e-design process!

We started in the family room off my kitchen.  I have had a minor setback with the couch and chairs. It seems that I have lost them. Since I took them to the upholster he has retired and now his is number is disconnected. No worries though, I finally tracked (hunted) him down and hopefully will be delivering this light gray antique velvet fabric  to him SOON! I think this fabric is going to provide a beautiful neutral base for the room.

It has been an exciting process seeing the room come together piece by piece and my home changing. I can’t wait to move on to the next room.

I did choose a rug. Darlene helped me choose a rug by sending me several preliminary design boards with different rug samples. Then we voted on the samples. Thank you for all of your help on facebook. We appreciated your votes here and here. I choose the gold rug because I loved the unique design.

Now, I must admit I question whether it is going to work in the room with the gray couch and chairs. I was ready to try again but my design expert says that this is normal and that I needed to wait to really see.

“It is completely normal, once the large pieces start rolling in, for my clients to panic. At this stage in the decorating, each new piece speaks loudly and draws the over-attention of the eye. It is not until the entire room is pulled together that the pieces can start working together, giving the room an overall feel. I think this is the hardest phase of the decorating process because it requires that 5 letter word: TRUST!” says Darlene

The drapes are hung and I love them! They make the room so light and pretty.

And I chose a light…. (from Lowe’s)

I am most excited to transform this table. It is so heavy and really too large for the space. Darlene recommended that I remove the top and replace it with a piece of Carrara marble, and then paint the base black. Cool huh?

I am also considering painting this. Oh I know what a big step right?

So here is what is next in our plans….with more changes to come….

The next step for our family room will be to add room-changing accessories. I will be sure to show this room as it develops!

I can’t say how important it has been having someone walk me through (okay hold my hand) through this process. Darlene of Fieldstone Hill Design has provided unmeasurable support, wisdom, insight and advice. If you have a room or two that need some love and intention but don’t know where to begin, start here with her posts on how to Overcome Decorating Paralysis. I also love her  Personal style boot-camp . You will be inspired by her pin boards and want to follow along as she finds all the cool stuff!

I can’t wait to give you the final reveal and start on the next room. If you want to be part of the process and vote on different choices for the rooms please be sure to like us on FB.

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  2. You should restore the coffee table and re-stain it to your choice. The table bottom has some detailed work in wood, black paint will cover the details.

  3. Eye on that table! Antiques & home decor- you’ve got my full attention. The light fixture and drapes are so chic, and the metals color palette is my perfect idea of neutral. I look forward to keeping up with the progress.

  4. Wow! it is looking great. I know what you mean about the rug though. I have been trying to choose a rug for my family room for a month now, and I am having a hard time committing. I am wanting to add a little color to my room with it, but I am having a hard time deciding how much. Any suggestions?

  5. Where did you get those beautiful drapes? And, who is the artist of your fun painting with birthdays written on the edge of the canvas? (not pictured)

  6. Oh, my!!!! I love what you’ve done so far. Lovely!!!

  7. This project looks like so much fun, I love what you and Darlene of Fieldstone Hill Design are cooking up. Can’t wait to see how you handle that Armoire with paint, I have a similar one that I refer to my elephant in the room.

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