It’s that time of year to start thinking about Advent calendars! This felt advent calendar tutorial is perfect to get started. I love all types of Advent calendars and kids absolutely love having something to look forward to every day.

Felt advent calendar tutorial by Dark gray felt wall hanging with green Christmas tree with felt pockets below for the days leading up to Christmas. -Skip To My Lou
A precious family Felt Advent Calendar to make.

While these calendars are rooted in religious tradition they can be fun for everyone. Who doesn’t love a countdown?? And who wouldn’t want this as a GIFT?!

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This Advent calendar is done as a Jesse Tree but you can make your daily ornaments whatever you want. I used the Advent Jesse Tree book as an idea for the ornaments to make. Though if you google Jesse Tree you can find tons and tons of printable samples. This is a simple project but does take time so get started now!

Felt advent calendar tutorial by Close up of felt ornaments on Christmas tree. Ornaments are hung on buttons by red ribbons. Second photo shows full Advent Calendar. Dark grey felt background, green Christmas tree, ornaments hung on tree different colored felt pocks sewn on for the days leading up to Christmas. -Skip To My Lou

Supplies For The Advent Calendar:

  • 1 1/2 yard background felt
  • 3/4 yard green felt for the tree
  • 1/4 yard of 5 different colors felt for pockets
  • 25 buttons
  • 1/8″ ribbon
  • rod or dowel for hanging calendar
  • hot glue or fabric glue
Felt advent calendar tutorial by Text: Felt Jesse Tree supplies:  1 1/2 yards of background felt, 3/4 yard of green felt for tree, 5 colors of felt for pockets (about 1/4 yard), scraps of felt for ornaments, 1/8" ribbon, 36"d rod or dowel, fabric glue or hot glue. Photo of completed Advent Calendar. -Skip To My Lou


  1. Use a pencil to outline the shape of your tree on the green felt. Cut.
  2. Pin the tree to the background felt, leaving about 4″ at the top. Sew around the edge using a straight stitch or a satin stitch.
  3. Cut 5 pockets of each color, 3.5″ square each.
  4. Sew or paint on numbers on each pocket. (optional)
  5. Pin and sew pockets to the background felt, leaving the top open.
  6. Create ornaments with felt as desired.
  7. Cut 3″ strips of ribbon, and glue them to the back of the ornaments to make a loop.
  8. Sew 25 buttons onto the tree.
  9. Fold the top of the background felt back 1″. Sew to create a pocket for the dowel.
  10. Sew a ribbon to the back for hanging. (optional)

Time to get sewing! I love Advent Calendars so I and thrilled to share this tutorial from Andrea’s Notebook.

Other Advent Tree Ideas:

  • An ornament a day with a photo of a family member
  • An ornament a day with a quote, verse, or fun saying
  • An ornament a day with a suggested activity to follow

More Advent Calendars

Did you enjoy making your own Advent Calendar? What was your favorite ornament made from this Felt Advent Calendar Tutorial?

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  1. I made one like this back in the late 70’s. It was in the Canadian Living magazine but the pockets had numbers. I remember we were flying to Hawaii in October and I had all the felts and pattern pieces with me and I cut everything out on the plane there and back! When i got home I just had to stitch the tree to the backing, and each pocket! and stitch velcro to the back of each day gift and onto the tree! Used it for over 20 years! I might still have it packed somewhere, I should look for it. I know I have to make a few pieces because they might have been lost over the last few years it was used!


  2. I really like this advent calendar. I’m always looking for ones that don’t include new presents or candy for the kids. It would still be fun to take out the ornaments and help decorate the tree each day. I love the idea of adding an inspirational quote, or maybe a good deed to do for the day too!

    Thanks for the post!

    Fiber Sketchbook Blog

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