First Day of School Teacher Coffee Gift is a great way to start the school year off right. Print the free cards right from home. Two cute designs to choose from for the perfect welcome back gift.

Know exactly what to give your teacher all year long by having them fill out this teacher’s favorite things page. And if your teacher doesn’t drink coffee, check out Back to School Teacher Gifts for loads of gift ideas for teachers!

back to the grind printable card sticking out of envelope

I’m so glad you are here! I love sharing easy ideas to celebrate teachers! Whenever you need a great gift for your favorite teacher come visit me! I will keep you stocked with teacher appreciation ideas to make your teachers feel loved and appreciated!

Here Are the Supplies You Need for a Great First Day of School Gift:

  • 5 1/4 inch X 7 1/4 inch envelopes
  • glue dots (or double-sided tape)
  • scissors
  • white cardstock
  • color printer
  • a gift card from your local coffee shop (even if your teacher isn’t a coffee lover coffee ships today have so many options for delicious treats)
envelopes glue dots coffee gift card back to the grind printable card sip sip hooray printable card

The Cutest Way to Give a Teacher Coffee Gift

It couldn’t be any easier to welcome a teacher back to school with a gift card using my free printable Starbucks gift card holder (or use it for any coffee shop). Simply download the file. Print in color on white cardstock. Cut the cards apart. Use a glue dot or transparent double-sided tape to fasten a gift card right on the coffee sleeve of the card.

How easy if that! Just a few steps for an awesome back to school gift for teachers! And I have done my research and teachers love gift cards!

two printable back to school cards for coffee gift cards

Download —-> Back to the Grind Coffee Gift Printable

two on page back to grind printable

Download —-> Sip Sip Hooray Teacher Coffee Gift Printabletwo on page sip sip hooray printable card

Back to School Ideas

Celebrate your child too with one of the memory making ideas! The beginning of the year can be made extra special.

Try Another Coffee gift For Teachers:


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  1. What a neat and thoughtful gift idea! I will have to do this when my kids can go back to school!

  2. Cute idea! I love this. This year the teachers could definitely use some coffee. ALL the coffee.

  3. Loved these Sip Sip Hooray and Back to the Grind for teachers with Gift Cards from Starbucks. I gave my daughter both of them, she is a teacher. Also to my favorite 2nd grade teacher and favorite teacher assistant. I volunteer there and do mini events on Dr. Seuss Birthday, Christmas, Valentine, Easter, Love your Pet Day and May Day. I also printed out the special tags you had for teachers to their class “Can’t MASK my Excitement that you are in My Class” and gave them to my daughter for her to include in her Back to School bags with the tie dye masks they made for each student. Thank you!

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