A printable Father’s Day coupon book will be a much-appreciated gift! This DIY coupon book for dad is super easy to assemble and the Father’s Day coupons are a great way to give Dad just what he needs!

You might also like this black and white version that is printed on colored cardstock. It is also filled with cute coupon ideas.

fathers day coupon book, the cover reads happy father's day coupons for the best dad; the cover is green with a black ribbon that reads happy father's day, the other fonts is yellow and orange


I don’t know about you, but I think homemade coupon ideas make some of the best gifts for dad (and mom). From personal experience, your dad will love this thoughtful gift. Once you download and print the printable, the coupon booklet is so easy-peasy to make kids can help!

Now let’s make this Father’s Day Coupon Book

Needed Supplies

Here’s How you Make the Coupon Book

Simply download the Father’s Day coupon book print in color on cardstock. Next cut out all the coupons and the coupon book front cover.

Here are all the coupon ideas for dad! The best part is a coupon book gift is helpful and useful and will make dad feel loved and appreciated all year long. The coupons include:

  • Breakfast in bed
  • FREE car wash
  • One big hug
  • vacuum the house
  • help with yard work
  • movie night of your choice
  • help with laundry
  • dinner out
  • chore of choice
  • one bathroom cleaning
  • night off let’s do something fun
  • mow the lawn
  • FREE ______ (fill in the blank)
  • As you wish ________ (fill in the blank) — a blank coupon to let him decide

Tip: If you do not have a printer, you can have the free printable coupons printed at a local printing office. You can either email them the pdf files or you can save the files to a CD or flash drive and take them into them to print.

Fathers Day Coupons

Here is what the Father’s Day Coupons printable looks like.

free printable image withe coupon book cover and individual coupons; the colors of the coupons are various tones of green, orange, black, and white
more printable coupons for dad

Fold in the black end on the cover. Place the coupons inside the cover under the folded flap and staple. It is as easy as that! You don’t need to use a hole punch to punch them all or anything!

open coupon book displaying coupon chore of your choice; the coupon book has been assemble with a single staple on the right side of the coupons attaching the coupons to the cover

In just a few minutes and voila, you have a nice gift with great printable coupons for Dad. Add a final touch to this Father’s Day coupon idea by pairing it with a free DIY Father’s Day card.

More Perfect Gift Ideas for Dad on Father’s Day!

Father’s Day Coloring Pages (…and there is a coloring page for mom too!)

father's day coloring pages

INCREDI-Ball Dad Labels

incredible-ball dad label attached to a mason jar filled with sweets - mason jar gift

Father’s Day Beer (or bottle) Tags

You will find four designs:

  1. We can’t keep it bottled up! We have to say thanks for being an awesome dad
  2. I might be the reason you drink so have one on me
  3. Cheers to the world’s greatest dad,
  4. A pop top for a top pop
free bottle tags, one reads, "i might be the reason you drink! have one on me. Happy Father's Day; the second reads, "we can't keep it bottled up! we have to say thanks for being an awesome dad"

For a few more last minute Father’s Day gift giving ideas… Give Dad a special treat with this free printable candy bar wrapper.  Kids will also love coloring this free printable BEST dad coloring page.

I hope you love these Fathers Day coupons!  Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there, thank you for all you do! By the way, homemade coupons are great for mom too. Check out this Mother’s Day Coupon gift idea.

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  1. What great ideas, thank you. I publish a blog and will send readers to your website for Father’s Day gift and fun ideas. I hope they will all come to visit you. This month’s title is “I Love You Dad” and your ideas will be great.

  2. What a lovely idea! My kids are going to love this. I can’t wait to print these out with my kids! Looks so fun and creative!

  3. I showed this to my 7 year old and she loved it! We are printing it up for her Dad today!

  4. This is such a fun idea for Dads but also for kiddos to make! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I absolutely love gifts like this – giving and receiving. I am going so to share this with my sisters so they are ready for Father’s Day.

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