I am excited about the new Martha Stewart Home Office Collection. Martha has teamed up with Avery so we now can be beautifully organized!

The Stack+Fit desk accessories give me a stylish command station right in my kitchen.  Our back to school routine has never looked so good!  When papers come home they can be easily sorted for each child.  Now our reading log and spelling list are at our fingertips!

A huge part of our back to school routine is keeping track of our gear.  Martha has the coolest NO-iron fabric labels. Jackets and all the extras can be easily labeled so they can find their way back home. Being able to label clothing without having to get out an iron is genius!

For me the more efficient and easy a task is the more willing I am to follow and make it part of our routine.  These lovely new organization items are a good thing.

I want you to be beautifully organized too! Here is a 40% off coupon so you can keep on track and be stylishly organized.

Printable Martha Stewart Home Office Staples coupon

Martha Stewart Home Office was kind enough to let me try out a few items. The opinions are all mine.

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  1. Thanks for the coupon. Time to teach our kids to organize using this
    Stack+Fit desk accessories.

  2. Oooh, so pretty! I definitely need to get organized. LOVE that coupon too. 40% is awesome!

  3. Thanks for the coupon, perfectly timed for my project today! Just an FYI – the coupon did not initially work at my Staples, as it was not in their computer’s database. The cashier had to call the Staples headquarters and they gave him a new code to make the coupon work.

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