Spooktacular Awards: Printable Halloween Costume Badges for Winning Costumes

One of the best parts of any Halloween party is undoubtedly the costumes. To make your Halloween party even more thrilling, I’ve got something special for you: free printable costume awards. Adorable Halloween-themed badges will award different categories: Best Costume, Best Family Costume, Best Group Costume, Cutest Costume, Scariest Costume, Most Creative Costume, Most Original Costume, and Funniest Costume.

The Best Costume Awards are a great way to take all Halloween parties to the next level! You don’t need cash prizes to have much fun – just print the PDF file, prepare your costume parade, and enjoy your event!

Printable halloween costume awards:  Best Costume, Best Family Costume, Best Group Costume, Cutest Costume, Scariest Costume, Most Creative Costume, Most Original Costume, and Funniest Costume.
Get your cute badges for your Halloween party!

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To make your Halloween costume contest even more special, I’ve created these charming Halloween-themed badges. Simply click the link below to download and print them out for your party.

Print these badges on card stock or adhesive paper, cut them out, and give them to your costume contest winners to wear.

No card stock or adhesive paper? Don’t worry! Another good idea is printing them on regular printer paper, cutting them out, and using a hot glue gun to glue them to a cereal box. Cut again. Now 

Happy Halloween!

Free Printable Halloween Costume Awards

printable costume awards: Most Original Costume Funniest Costume Most Creative Costume Cutest Costume
Who will win Most Original Costume?!
halloween badge awards for costume party: Best Group Costume Scariest Costume Best Family Costume Best Costume
And who will win Best Costume overall?!

Costume competition is a must-have addition to every Halloween party! It’s my favorite thing to do to get into the Halloween spirit. Add these fun awards and a special prize to the party and enjoy the fun. Now you have fun DIY Halloween costume awards for your costume party!

Costume contest categories 

Best Costume: This is the grand prize for the most jaw-dropping, show-stopping costume at your party. The winner of this award should be prepared for endless compliments and envy from fellow party-goers.

Best Family Costume: Families who dress together, stay together! Reward those clans who put in the effort to coordinate their costumes and bring a theme to life.

Best Group Costume: Whether it’s a group of friends or coworkers, the Best Group Costume award goes to the ensemble with the most cohesive and imaginative theme.

Cutest Costume: Adorable little ghouls and goblins deserve recognition for melting hearts with their cuteness factor. This award will make them smile even wider.

Scariest Costume: Who gave everyone the spooks? The Scariest Costume award is for those who successfully sent chills down spines with their spine-tingling outfits.

Most Creative Costume: Creativity knows no bounds on Halloween. This award goes to the person who turned the most unexpected materials into an incredible costume masterpiece.

Most Original Costume: Originality is key, and this award celebrates the unique and out-of-the-box thinkers who donned costumes that no one else could have imagined.

Funniest Costume: Laughter is contagious, and the Funniest Costume award goes to the costume that had everyone in stitches with laughter.

Halloween is a time for celebration, and these printable costume awards and badges are sure to add an extra layer of excitement to your spooky soirée. Other great ideas are playing some scary movies, enjoying  spooky-themed meals, going to a haunted house, and having a Halloween scavenger hunt.

Get ready to crown the winners and enjoy a memorable Halloween party with your friends and family. Happy haunting!

Halloween Costume Ideas

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