Unleash your creativity this spooky season with my collection of free Halloween templates, ideal for Halloween decorations, not-so-scary costumes, and spooktacular festivities that capture the essence of the Halloween spirit. They are the best way to get ready for the season without much prep! 

halloween template that includes a compilation of different templates: a skull, jack-o-lantern, owl, spider web, spider, cauldron, witch hat, tombstone, coffin, ghost, and candy. from skip to my lou
Get your own Halloween template!

Free Printable Halloween Templates

These Halloween outlines offer the perfect fit for your next project for Halloween crafting and decoration. They can be used as Halloween stencils, party favors, and party invitations. Why not pick your favorite free Halloween template and use it as a spooky door hanger or yard sign? There are so many good ideas to try. Next Halloween party, let your creativity soar and have a spooktacular time crafting and celebrating this haunted holiday with our free template collection!

Related: Any of these Halloween Templates would make great stencils for pumpkin carving. If you are looking for more inspiration check out these Jack-O-Landern faces and Pumpkin Carving Stencils and these spectacular pumpkin carving ideas.

Skull Template

Create spooky skull decorations for your home or design skull masks or face paint stencils for costumes and makeup.

Halloween template 1 - skull outline
A must-have template for Halloween!

Haunted House Template

Craft a haunted house centerpiece for your Halloween party decor. Cut out of cardboard and add a tab at the bottom so it stands. Next paint black. Place two back-to-back with a battery tealight in between. So simple and chic.

What about designing a Halloween-themed scrapbook page with a haunted house background?

Halloween template 2 - haunted house template
I love a good haunted house!

Witch Hat Template

Craft witch hat-shaped invitations for a Halloween party by using the template. Make witch hat buffet markers and place cards for guests and your dinner party.

Halloween template 3 - witch hat template
Cute witch hat template.

Witch Broom Template

Whisk up some wicked fun by using this template to create witch broomstick decorations for your Halloween party. Hang them around your home or craft mini broomstick party favors.

Halloween template 4 -witch broom template
A broom template for the witch template!

Cauldron Template

Brew a spellbinding atmosphere with cauldron decorations made from this template. Fill them with candies or spooky treats and use them as party centerpieces or favor containers.

Halloween template 5 - cauldron template
So spooky!

Owl Template

Give your Halloween a hoot by designing owl-themed decorations with this template. Create owl garlands, ornaments, or even owl masks for a night of whimsical fun.

Halloween template 6 - owl template
Aren’t owls just so cute?

Tombstone Template

Make your own eerie graveyard with tombstones crafted from this template. This tombstone decoration can transform your lawn into a creepy Halloween scene.

Halloween template - 7 tombstone outline
A fun decoration for your Halloween parties.

Coffin Template

Create a spooky surprise by using this casket template to design miniature coffins. They can serve as unique treat boxes for your Halloween party guests.

Halloween template 8 - coffin outline
Obviously, couldn’t forget a coffin.

Spider Template

Spin a web of creativity with this spider template. Craft creepy-crawly decorations, spider garlands, or use it as a stencil for your Halloween costume makeup.

Halloween template - 9 spider template
Don’t worry, this spider is harmless!

Spiderweb Template

Add intricate detail to your Halloween decor with spiderwebs made from this template. Hang them throughout your home or use them as stencils for spooky face painting.

Halloween template 9 - spiderweb template
A cute spiderweb for your spider decorations!

Jack-O-Lantern Template

Carve your own pumpkin masterpieces with this template. Use it to create Jack-O-Lantern decorations, or as a guide for your pumpkin carving contest.

Halloween template 10 - jack o lantern template
A very simple but fun jack-o-lantern

Pumpkin Template

Turn ordinary pumpkins into Halloween masterpieces with this template. Create pumpkin decorations, table centerpieces, or use it to make custom pumpkin masks.

Halloween template 11 pumpkin template
Draw your own design!

Candy Template

Sweeten the season with candy decorations crafted from this template. Use them as table confetti, garlands, or to create your own Halloween-themed treat wrappers.

Halloween template 12 candy template
Trick or treat!

Ghost Template 

Give your Halloween an otherworldly touch by using this ghost template to create ghostly decorations. Hang them around your home or turn them into spooky garlands.

Halloween template 13 - ghost outline

Bat Template 

Unleash a colony of bats into your Halloween decor with this template. Craft bat decorations, bat-themed invitations, or use it for creating bat masks and stencils.

Halloween template 15 bat template
Lastly, a cute bat design!

How to Use Halloween Templates

With my free Halloween templates, the possibilities for creating a memorable and spooktacular Halloween are endless. Whether you’re decorating your home, dressing up in a unique costume, or hosting a Halloween party, these templates will be your go-to resource for adding that special touch to your celebrations. So, grab your craft supplies, and get ready to make some eerie delights. I hope you dare to join in the fun. Get ready to make this Halloween an unforgettable and spooktacular experience!

Here are some ideas:

  • Halloween Party Invitations: Kickstart your Halloween festivities by using the templates for printable party invitations that are sure to captivate your guests. Making eye-catching invites are just the beginning.
  • Treat Bag Embellishments: Jazz up treat bags or baskets with spooky-themed templates to make them stand out. Fill them with sweets and treats, and you’re all set for a sweet Halloween gathering.
  • Cute Cupcake Toppers: Transform ordinary cupcakes into adorable Halloween treats with cute cupcake toppers. These simple supplies, combined with the templates, will make your dessert table look spooktacular.
  • Outdoor Scavenger Hunts: Get the kids engaged with outdoor scavenger hunts by using flyers created with Halloween templates. It’s a trick-or-treat adventure they won’t forget.
  • Halloween Decorating: Whether you’re decorating the mantel, jars, or creating dramatic lanterns, these templates are your secret to crafting eye-catching Halloween decorations that set the spooky scene just right.
  • Halloween Flyers: If you’re planning a haunted house, spooky party, or any Halloween event, use the templates to design eye-catching Halloween flyers that will surely draw a crowd.
  • Costumes and Crowds: These templates can be a valuable resource for adding that extra flair to costumes or party favors.

The Halloween templates are the perfect addition to Halloween preparations. From printable party invitations and treat bag embellishments to creating eye-catching decorations, you have everything you need to transform your home into a dramatic and spooky scene. Make your Halloween party or gathering unforgettable with these templates, and watch as your friends, family, and trick-or-treaters are captivated by the haunting charm of the season. Whether you’re in it for the sweets or the thrill of the trick, these templates will ensure your Halloween celebration is a wicked success. BONUS! They also make simple coloring pages for little hands!

More Halloween Fun!

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