I know I do talk a lot about May Day, but I had to share the cutest Happy May Day Printable Gift Tags! You can make up a simple basket and attach one of these darling tags. If you need ideas for May Day Baskets you can check out all our May Day Basket Ideas. Each year I try to come up with something new. It really depends each year if we have flowers blooming so some of the ideas use potted plants. That makes it super easy. If you do have flowers I love this pretty printable May Day Basket.
cone may day basket with doilie

This Cone May Day Basket couldn’t be any simpler. It is made from a 12 inch square of card-stock, a doily, glue stick and twine.  The gift tags can be printed on any color of 8 1/2 X 11 card-stock.  I used kraft color to match my paper cone basket.

Happy May Day Printable Gift Tags

Download the gift tags, print on card-stock and cut out.  Punch a hole at the top.

{May Day Printable Gift Tags}

printable may day basket gift tags

How to make a cone May Day Basket

Roll the 12 inch square of paper into a cone. Fasten with glue stick.

diy may day basket

Wrap a doily around the cone and fasten with glue stick in the back.  I used a 10 inch doily.

DIY paper cone may day basket

Punch holed in each side of the cone and feed the twine through tying a knot on each side.  Make sure to leave enough twine to hang over your friend’s doorknob. The gift tag can be attached on the side where you tide the knot or on the front.  I wrapped the twine around the cone and fastened the gift tag with a bow.  It must be snug to keep it from slipping down.  A bit of hot glue in the back (and possibly under the bow) would keep it more secure.

how to make a cone may day basket

Fill the cone with flowers and hang on your friends door!  Be sneaky! It is supposed to be a surprise!

May Day Printable Gift Tags

If you love treating friends and doing things to make them feel special you might like these friendship printable gift tags. If you know someone that could use a boost I have some super cute care package printables. It doesn’t take much to brighten someones’s day.

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