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HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3 is now out on Digital, DVD, and Blu-ray.  It makes the perfect gift for the holidays and promotes good family time! I love the optimistic message of this movie and kids will too! If you are looking for ways to strengthen your family and make special memories, countdown the days to Christmas with fun activities. It is easy with this Hotel Transylvania 3 Advent Calendar.

Hotel Transylvania 3 Advent Calendar

Making an Advent Calendar couldn’t be any easier with the free printables.

Hotel Transylvania 3 Advent Calendar

Hotel Transylvania 3 Advent Calendar Printable

Hotel Transylvania 3 Advent Calendar Supplies

Download the Advent Calendar front and back. Print in color on heavyweight cardstock.

Hotel Transylvania 3 Advent Calendar Supplies on green cutting mat

Using a craft knife and cutting mat carefully cut on the dotted line on three sides of each door. Do not open the doors.

Hotel Transylvania 3 Advent Calendar cutting doors open with x-acto knife

Glue the back of the page with the cut doors making sure to not get any glue on the doors.

glue advent calendar together

Glue the front and back together and you are finished! How easy was that !?! Now you are ready for a month of fun!

finished Advent Calendar

Advent Activities

Each day you will open a door and complete the activity. Don’t worry they are easy! You will find these ideas:

  1. Write a letter to Santa
  2. Play a game
  3. Decorate cookies
  4. Have a  friend over for dinner
  5. Make ornaments
  6. Make hot chocolate
  7. Read Christmas stories
  8. Play cards
  9. Look at Christmas lights
  10. Watch a holiday movie
  11. Roast marshmallows
  12. Do a craft
  13. Make ice cream sundaes
  14. Have breakfast for dinner 
  15. Write a letter to a far away friend
  16. Bake cookies
  17. Buy a gift for someone in need
  18. Make a handmade gift
  19. Cut snowflakes
  20. Color a Christmas Coloring Page
  21. Make a family video
  22. Do something nice for a neighbor
  23. Do a puzzle
  24. Say something nice to a family member

….and of course, watch a movie because that is a family favorite! Hotel Transylvania 3 is a fun-filled movie watching experience for the whole family!

“I am just here to have family fun. Family Family Fun Fun.” –Drac

Hotel Transylvania 3 Advent Calendar watch a movie activity door opened

Plan A Fun-Filled Family Movie Night

Pop popcorn, make some hot chocolate and settle in for a movie and good family time! Hotel Transylvania 3 reassures us that it is okay to be unique! The message that good can beat evil is reinforced through funny and heartwarming twists and turns while the monsters vacation on a luxury monster cruise ship.

Our favorite movie quote! “You gotta be greater than the haters.” – Murray

A movie night is a great way to take a break from the holiday hustle, slow down and connect with family.  The best part it is easy and your family will be thankful for a moment to relax together. You will be able to keep the love and holiday spirit going with the daily Advent activities.

Hotel Transylvania 3 movie with popcorn

Here’s to a joyful holiday season spent making memories by spending time together and spreading love and kindness!

advent calendar say something nice door open

Get your copy of  Hotel Transylvania 3 during Black Friday sales and enjoy it the entire month of December! Your family we be glad you did!

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  1. Thank you for doing this. Your work is so lovely and it’s really kind of you to share.

  2. that calendar looks like sooo much fun and you can never have too many activity/advent/christmas countdowns going! We love them at our house!!

  3. This is adorable! I love that it’s full of family centered activities instead of just chocolate or candy. <3

  4. Hi Pam, the movie is about family and has a really great message. With this Advent calendar families are encouraged to spend time together, care for each other and make memories. I guess after seeing all the Hotel Transylvania movies I don’t see Drac as an evil character. I am so sorry if you were offended in any way. I was trying to think of something relatable for kids that have seen the movie. I am working on a version that is more themed about Jesus. Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your view. It does help me evaluate my content!

  5. Really? A Christmas advent calendar with Dracula on it? That is not promoting the Christmas season, Jesus’ birthday.

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