Are you fascinated by the grace and beauty of dolphins and want to learn how to draw them? Look no further! In this dolphin drawing guide, we will provide you with a step-by-step drawing lesson that will teach you how to create your own stunning dolphin masterpiece, using only basic shapes. With our easy steps and amazing animals, you’ll be drawing dolphins in no time!

Skip to my Lou - How to Draw a Dolphin Guide - The finished dolphin drawing
Follow this dolphin drawing guide to create this majestic creature!

Our step-by-step instructions and drawing tutorials are perfect for beginners and experts alike wanting to know how to draw a dolphin. Whether you’re looking to hone your skills or just enjoy the process of creating art, our dolphin drawing guide is sure to provide you with a fun experience. 

Come and join Skip to My Lou as you embark on an adventure filled with enjoyable and engaging family activities! Our simple-to-follow guides for drawing, coloring, and crafting are ideal for families to enjoy together.

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Easy Dolphin Drawing

This drawing lesson can be done anywhere, anytime, using just a pencil and paper. Whether you’re at home, in a classroom, or out in nature, all you need is a quiet space and some free time to dive into the world of dolphin drawing. So why wait? Grab a pencil and get started on your dolphin masterpiece today!

Essential Drawing Supplies for Drawing a Dolphin

Grab these before you begin your dolphin drawing:

How to Draw a Dolphin Step-by-Step

Step 1

Firstly, let’s draw the body of the dolphin. From the center-right of the page, draw a curved line upwards that then arches towards the left of the page. 

After that, curl the line underneath, and draw it back towards the right of the page. Use the picture below to help you.  

Dolphin Drawing Guide - Step 1 - The body
The dolphin’s body

Step 2

Let’s draw some features for the face. 

On the left of your drawing, draw curved lines for the mouth and nose towards the bottom of the head, just like in the dolphin sketch below.

Secondly, draw two circles to form an eye at the top right of the dolphin’s nose.

Dolphin Drawing Guide - Step 2 - The face
Features on the dolphin’s head

Step 3

Now we’ll make the body more lifelike, with two curved horizontal lines. 

Firstly, draw a line from the bottom left of the dolphin’s mouth across the page and then down. 

Secondly, draw a curved line across the middle of the dolphin. You can now see the dolphin’s belly. 

Dolphin Drawing Guide - Step 3 - The stomach
Long lines to show the stomach area

Step 4

Your dolphin needs a tail!

Just like in the reference image below, use two leaf-like arched lines to form what are called the flukes of the dolphin’s tail. 

Dolphin Drawing Guide - Step 4 - The tail
The dolphin’s tail with its flukes

Step 5

In this step, we draw the dolphin’s fins. 

Firstly, for the dorsal fin, draw a triangular shape on the back mid-line of the dolphin. Use curved lines towards the tip of the fin, and note the small arcs. 

Secondly, draw what is known as a pectoral fin on both sides of the dolphin’s underside, just like in the picture guide below.

Dolphin Drawing Guide - Step 5 - The fins
The dolphin’s fins

Step 6

Now for some final details, use an eraser to remove any guidelines. After that, use a thick marker to trace your dolphin drawing so it really stands out!

Dolphin Drawing Guide - Step 6 - The outline
A clear outline of the dolphin

Your Finished Dolphin Drawing

Now that you have finished drawing the basic outline of your dolphin, it’s a good idea to add some color to bring your artwork to life. 

Skip to my Lou - How to Draw a Dolphin Guide - Coloring the dolphin
Some finishing touches

You can use colored pencils, markers, watercolors, or whatever you feel comfortable with. Start by filling in the larger areas with a base color. You can then gradually add details and shading to create a nice 3D effect.

Remember that the color of a dolphin’s skin can vary depending on the species and the environment they live in. For example, the bottlenose dolphin has a light gray body with a darker back, while the spinner dolphin has a more colorful pattern with dark stripes on their sides.

In addition to the body, don’t forget to color the dolphin’s eyes, and the blowhole on the top of the head. Adding highlights to the eyes and wet areas of the skin can also add a sense of realism to your drawing.

More Fun Drawing Tutorials

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