Welcome to my step by step guide on how to draw a cartoon giraffe. In this post, you’ll learn how to create cool giraffe drawings that are sure to impress. Whether you’re a novice artist or an experienced drawer, this giraffe tutorial is the right place for you to improve your drawing skills and have fun while doing it.

Skip to my Lou - How to Draw a Giraffe - The finished cartoon and realistic giraffe drawings.

This post offers free drawing lessons on how to draw a giraffe, a beautiful African animal that is loved by many. By following the simple steps in this tutorial, you’ll be able to create a cute cartoon giraffe that will make a great addition to any art collection. The benefits of this post include improving your drawing skills, gaining confidence in your abilities, and having fun while creating something new.

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Easy Giraffe Drawing

You can draw a giraffe anywhere, but it’s best to have a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus. This tutorial is perfect for younger artists who are just starting to learn how to draw, as well as older kids who are looking to refine their skills. If you’ve always wanted to draw a giraffe but didn’t know where to start, this post is for you. So grab a pencil and some paper, and let’s get started on drawing a giraffe together.

Essential Drawing Supplies for Drawing a Giraffe

Before you start your giraffe drawing, make sure to collect these art supplies:

How to Draw a Giraffe Step-by-Step


Step 1

The first step is to draw the giraffe head. 

Firstly, draw a small oval shape near the top left of your page.

Secondly, draw a curved line up from the left of the oval, and back down to connect to the right of the oval. 

Cartoon Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 1 - The head
The head shape

Step 2

We should now add some facial features. 

To begin with, in the top of the head, draw a small circle on both sides for the eyes. Add more detail inside the eye, as can be seen in the reference drawing below. 

Afterwards, in the bottom half of the giraffe’s face, draw a curved line for the mouth. Lastly, add two small dots above for nostrils. 

Cartoon Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 2 - The face
Facial features

Step 3

Let’s give our giraffe ears and horns

Firstly, on both sides of the head, draw a curved shape for each ear. Afterwards, add another line on the inside to show the inside of the ear.

Secondly, draw a small horn on either side of the head. Use short vertical lines with a circle at the end.

Cartoon Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 3 - Ears and horns
Ears and horns

Step 4

Now let’s draw our giraffe’s body.

To begin with, start with the long neck. Start just below the head on the left hand side, and draw a curved line downward to the top of the leg. Afterwards, draw a line starting on the right side of the head, that goes down then to the right to form the giraffe’s back. 

After that, draw the front and back legs with long vertical lines. Use a little curve at the bottom of each leg for the feet, as can be seen in the sketch below. 

Finally, draw an extra line to show the giraffe’s belly. Also, add a tail with a bushy end. 

Cartoon Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 4 - The rest of the body
The giraffe’s body

Step 5

In the next step, we’ll add some detail to our giraffe drawing. 

Firstly, add spots all over your giraffe using small oval shapes.

Secondly, add a line at the bottom of each leg to show the giraffes hooves. 

Cartoon Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 5 - Spots and a tail
The giraffe’s spots

Step 6

Finally, trace over your pencil drawing with a thin marker to show the final lines. 

Cartoon Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 6 - Outlined
Trace your drawing with a marker

Step 7

Lastly, you can add some color to your giraffe drawing. 

First, color the body yellow.

Secondly, color the spots and hooves brown. 

Thirdly, the bottom half of the giraffe’s face can be colored light orange.

Skip to my Lou - How to Draw a Giraffe - Colored cartoon giraffe drawing
Our finished cartoon giraffe drawing!


Step 1

Let’s start with the giraffe’s head and face. 

Firstly, use a curved line for the shape of the head that is round on the right, and forms a mouth on the left side. Add a small line for the mouth, with a small oval shape above for a nostril.

Secondly, draw an eye to the right of the head. Also, add a small circle inside for the pupil.

Realistic Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 1 - The head
Start with the face

Step 2

The next step is to complete the giraffe’s head.

To begin with, add two small horns. Use vertical lines, with a circular shape at the end. 

After that, draw an ear using a leaf-like shape on the right side of the head.

Realistic Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 2 - Horns and ear
Add an ear and horns

Step 3

Let’s continue with the giraffe’s neck.

In this step, draw two curved long lines from each side of the head to about half-way down the page, curving slightly to the right. 

Realistic Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 3 - Long neck
A long giraffe neck

Step 4

Now let’s add some front legs to our giraffe drawing. 

To begin with, draw the left-side leg. Use smooth vertical lines with indents to show the joints, as can be seen in the picture below. 

After that, add the left-side leg which is mostly hidden behind. Also, draw small hooves at the bottom of each leg. 

Realistic Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 4 - Front legs
The front legs

Step 5

Let’s finish the rest of the giraffe’s body. 

Firstly, continue the line from the top of the neck towards the right to form the giraffe’s back. Continue this around to form the left-side hind leg, again with an indent to show the knee joint. 

Secondly, draw the giraffe’s belly with a single curved horizontal line between the front and back legs. 

Thirdly, draw the right-side hind leg similar to the first. Also, add hooves to the end of both legs. 

Realistic Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 5 - Back legs
Back and hind legs

Step 6

In this step, we should make our giraffe’s neck thicker and add its mane.

To begin with, make the back of the neck thicker, as can be seen in the drawing below. 

After that, add a line to show the line of hair on the neck that is the giraffe’s main. Also, add a small tail.  

Realistic Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 6 - Mane and tail
Tail and mane

Step 7

Trace your pencil marks with a thin marker pen to help make your giraffe drawing stand out. 

Realistic Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 7 - Outlined
Outlined in marker to stand out more

Step 8

Now let’s add some colors so you have a more realistic giraffe. 

Firstly, color the whole body with browns, yellows, and oranges. You can add spots like in the picture below to form a beautiful pattern. 

Secondly, use a dark brown for the hooves, horns, and hair.

Realistic Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 8 - Some color
Looking good

Step 9

Lastly, you can further define the giraffe’s distinct patterning using darker browns. 

Also add more spots around the face.

Skip to my Lou - How to Draw a Giraffe - Colored realistic giraffe drawing
Now our giraffe looks just like real life!

Your Finished Giraffe Drawing

You should now have some amazing drawings of the tallest animal on earth. Truly, one of the most majestic African animals. 

Next time, why don’t you try coloring your drawing with oil pastels?

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