Here are a few helpful tips on how to keep avocados from browning.  There is no method that can completely keep a avocado from browning because when avocados come in contact with air, they turn brown.  Turning brown doesn’t affect the flavor but it sure makes it looks gross.  For more tips and tricks try my trick how to make your grill non stick or my tip on how to keep apples from browning.

How to Keep Avocados from Browning

How to Keep Avocados from Browning

The method I prefer is to slice the avocado length wise and use the side without the pit.  Simply place the pit side of the avocado in a ziplock baggie and suck out all the air around it.  This method looked pretty good after 24 hours, don’t expect it to work longer than that.  I have heard you can do a similar method with guacamole (place the put inside the guac) but I haven’t tried it.

Do you have any tips or secrets to share? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. If you make guacamole, put the leftovers in a small sealable container. Tap on counter to smooth out top and get air bubbles out. Slowly drip water on the top of guacamole until there is about 1/4” of water. Seal. Try not to slosh it around. When ready to use, pour off the water, give a stir, and enjoy! I have had it stay fresh and not brown for several days!!

  2. When you make guacamole, place it in a bowl and make the top of the guac level/flat. Spray the top with a light coating of cooking spray. It seals out the air. You can pat the top of the guac with a paper towel before you serve it. It doesn’t keep it green for a long time but it works overnight.

  3. This is going to sound out of step, but I’ve found a perfect way to keep them green…..AND give you the BEST tasting avos you’ve ever had!

    We found a White Balsamic Vinegar with Honey – that not only keeps the avocados green, but gives them the most heavenly taste! Expensive at $18.99 per bottle, but worth every golden drop!
    If you’re not fortunate enough to live in San Diego area, you can find it online here:
    I guarantee – I’ve drizzled avos with this and kept them 24 hours perfectly – taste, if any different the next day, was even BETTER than the day they were cut! Works ten times better than the lime or lemon that’s usually recommended!
    This white balsamic, by the way, also gives wondrous flavor to other things – like cucumbers (sprinkle with a bit of fresh chopped dill and drizzle with this golden delicacy! your taste buds will celebrate!
    Full disclosure: I do NOT work for this company – but found them and swear by their products! Their Basil Olive Oil is sooooo delicious! Gave some to my kids (all grown) and they are all hooked as well. They PRESS 20 pounds of Basil with every 100 pounds of Olives – and it will FAR beat any other basil olive oil you’ve ever tasted!
    We take trips down to San Diego just to get some of this olive oil and balsamic!
    If you’ve never tasted AWESOME olive oil, do your taste buds a favor….you’ll NEVER go back!

  4. Great idea! What also works is sprinkling lemon juice on the exposed area. Then putting it in a air tight container or bag

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