There is an amazing story about a group of wonderful caring women who sewed and sewed tiny little comfort blankets for orphans in China. Working together this giving and talented group of women created 380 blankets. Because of their generosity 380 children will be comforted and be shown that they are loved. Each of these women in doing a small part has contributed to do something big—- to make a powerful difference in many many lives.   Never can we underestimate the power and potential  we have when we all work together.

Saturday my local newspaper ran an article on the Linus Blankets. The above is something I wish the newspaper article would have said. I also begged for them to take a picture of my nephew whom is stepping out in faith and his comfort zone to deliver the blankets. I begged for them to take a group photo of my nephew, with his grandmother who sewed, my sister-in-law who sewed and my gorgeous nieces who were adopted from China and who would have loved a silky while at their orphanage! I also begged for them to lay all the blankets out to make one large “quilt” so everyone could see the details and loveliness of each blanket.

I first saw the article online, which displayed a color photo. When I finally saw a print copy I realized to my disappointment the photo in the newspaper was black and white. It makes it very difficult to see what is stacked around me. My community will regretfully not see the beautiful colors and unique details of the blankets. So in the end I didn’t even care that they spelled my name wrong.



While the newspaper article was not what I had expected, YOUR GENEROSITY WAS MORE THAN I COULD HAVE EVER HOPED FOR OR EXPECTED! I am extremely sorry that in the chaos of the afternoon with 15 people in my living room I did not get the blankets spread out to take a photo for you! Please believe me that each one was special. You chose cute soft and silky fabrics. Some blankets had ribbons , ruffles or satin binding. Each one displayed beautifully the love it was made with.


Last Thursday after meeting with the newspaper reporter my nephew took the blankets and distributed them to the people traveling in his group. You will be happy to know each and every single blanket was fit into a suitcase and will be traveling to China next week!

My sister-in-law took some pictures.  Here is my nephew, Arthur.


Maybe you can see your blanket in this stack.


If the following two pictures are any indication——-the orphans will truly love these blankets!

Here is Grace gently caressing one.


Faith has found one with green “minky.”



Thank you again for making this all possible!

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  1. Ohh my, this is sooo amazing it brought tears to my eyes. My husband and I are on our first step of adopting a little one and this is just wonderful!! I wondered if you would grant me the permission to steal this idea. I would sooo love to do it!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, you have to most wonderful ideas ever. Do you have any easy, inexpensive ideas for teachers for Christmas. I am in charge of my schools staff appreciation.

  3. Thanks for posting these pictures. We did see our blankies! And it’s so nice to see them as part of that huge stack.

    Thanks again.

  4. Wow – how fun and overwhelming to see them all stacked up! I imagine they took over your house for a bit! Thanks for organizing this – it’s a lot of work – and it feels good to think about the children that will cuddle them.

  5. That is SO AWESOME! I am so THRILLED to be a part of this. I’m going to link this to my blog, so others can see how lucky I am to have participated. Believe it or not I CAN see my blankets in the stack. Mine are smack in the middle. I can see the edges of them. How funny, but you get to know yours after all the time you spent with them. LOL! Thank you so much for giving us the chance to give back. What an amazing project you took on! You’re just awesome, and so is your nephew to be doing something like this!

  6. Oh, yea! Look at all the lovliness.

    And Northeast Kansas newspapers have never been great at getting the details right – or at emphasising the most important aspect of the story, but at least the word is out. Great job!

  7. I understand your disappointment, but that’s a great article. I have no doubt that you brought greater awareness to this venture through your efforts.

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