If you are packing lunches, serving apples for a party or making my homemade apple pie filling you need to start with crisp fresh apples. Nothing is more unappetizing that brown apples. Here are few quick and easy tips on how to keep apples from browning!  If you are looking for a great apple dip to make try my homemade brown sugar apple dip!

How to keep apples from browning

A great trick for keeping the apples from browning is to place them in a bowl of cold water along with three to five vitamin C tablets ( 500mg) that have been crushed.  This is perfect to keep them from browning while you peel a large amount for a recipe.

how to keep apples from browning

Another method that works well for sliced Apples for snaking is to use citric acid.  Simply sprinkle ball citric acid lightly on the fruit. It also has directions to do it on a large amount of fruit at once. I love to do a huge batch of apples and keep them in fridge for snacking or for packing lunches!

how to make canned apple pie filling

You can also put lemon juice or any citrus juice on apples to prevent browning. This is a natural way to keep apples from browning.  Keep in mind that it does add a slight tart taste in the process!

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  1. Great tips, thank you. May I share my favorite? If you put a little oil (canola, olive oil, or whatever you prefer around the inside of the pot about 1/4 inch rim around. That keeps your pasta or potatoes from boiling over. I haven’t had to clean a mess in ages. You knew this already, I bet!

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