A money origami shirt is a great way to give a little cash in shirt form. Who wouldn’t love to get some cash? Money origami makes cash a cute and clever gift!

Shirt Money Origami
Money Origami Shirt

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Gifts for dads (or men) can be hard.  It doesn’t have to be with this creative dollar bill shirt. This money gift will surprise your man and make him smile on Father’s Day (or any occasion). Write a little note letting him know what the cash should be used for.

How to Fold a Dollar Bill Into a Shirt

These money origami shirt instructions start with plain ole money. Simple. Boring. Now let’s turn this into a creative money gift!


folded money

1. Fold each edge to the center.

2. Fold the white tips of the bill under.

3. Fold the corners to the center as shown.

origami money

folding money technique

4. Divide the bill into thirds. It should tuck under the collar.

5. Before tucking under the collar, at the third fold line bring out the edge and make a squash fold on each side.

origami shirt money

6. Tuck the end under the collar and you have a money origami shirt!

money gift

Wouldn’t it be fun to have lots and lots of money shirts tucked into a card? Like fifty-one dollar bills? {you’d better start now}

To make this an extra special Father’s Day gift make a homemade card and insert a money origami shirt.

fathers day money
note to dad
money origami shirt

golf money

We tucked the money and card by his golf clubs. This money gift is specifically to be used for a round of golf at the course of his choice. What a creative way to give money for Fathers’ Day.

For full detailed instructions on how to make this folded money origami shirt, see tutorial here.

Now that you know how to make an origami shirt you can make it out of plain paper and make a darling origami card.

More Simple Money Origami

Here are a few more easy ways to fold money for gifts!

Thanks to the ladies from HowDoesShe.com for this money origami tutorial!  Visit them for other great gift ideas, recipes, fashion and organization tips, and more!

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  1. I remember I used to make these money t-shirts back in elementary school! I don’t know why but money is so much cooler as a t-shirt 🙂

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