We are sharing a beautiful wallpaper with cute hearts for you! Download this purple heart wallpaper for your phone and computer. It’s for free download so make sure to share the link with your friends and family that need a new wallpaper.


Purple heart wallpaper with sparkles and icons in purple hues. For computers and laptops. From skip to my lou
Beautiful purple background!

This purple wallpaper has multiple heart shape icons, and looks great in any resolution size. To get it, just right-click on the image, download it and go to your settings to use it as wallpaper.

Purple Heart Background For Phone

Purple heart wallpaper with sparkles and icons in purple hues. For iphones, android and smartphones. From skip to my lou
Don’t forget to get your matching wallpaper too!

Get a matching love wallpaper for your phone too! It’s the same pattern, just a different size that fits all phones: iPhones, androids, and every smartphone. Download it by pressing and holding the image, save it, go to your gallery app and select use as background.

What do purple hearts mean?

The purple heart emoji is used to represent love, support,and compassion. However, it is also used to represent support for U.S. military veterans and to show love to BTS, the K-pop band.

What does the color purple represent?

The color purple is a beautiful one! Purple also has deep meaning. It is associated with royalty, luxury, extravagance, magic and creativity. So if you need a push to get creative, surround yourself with purple objects!

Prefer a different color? We’ve got you!

Choose your favorite color heart wallpaper below for more free downloadable desktop and mobile wallpapers!

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