When it comes to creating a visually stunning and delicious spread, nothing quite captures the imagination like a rainbow charcuterie board. These vibrant and eye-catching displays of colorful ingredients are not only a feast for the eyes but also a delightful culinary experience. Whether you’re celebrating Pride Month or St. Patrick’s Day or simply want to add a pop of color to your gatherings, rainbow charcuterie boards are a fantastic way to do so. In this round-up, we’ll explore a variety of rainbow charcuterie board ideas that incorporate a spectrum of colors and flavors, making them a perfect addition to any occasion.

You may find yourself not needing as many charcuterie “tools” with these rainbow charcuterie board ideas. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stock up for next time!

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Rainbow Charcuterie Board Ideas For Whenever

Yes, these rainbow charcuterie board ideas are great for March or Pride month, but who says you can’t taste the rainbow all year round? Try some of these recipes at your next party or get-together. Your guests won’t be disappointed.


Start your rainbow charcuterie board journey with Jennifer Maune’s Rainbow Cheese Board. This creative masterpiece combines an assortment of vibrant cheeses, crackers, and fresh fruit to create a stunning rainbow effect. With a playful touch and careful arrangement, you’ll learn how to transform your cheese board into a work of art that’s as delicious as it is visually appealing.

Jennifer maune's rainbow charcuterie board with veggies, cheese, fruit, and more.
A round rainbow of color.

2. Rainbow Fruit Charcuterie Board

The Southerly Magnolia for a burst of fruity goodness that spans the colors of the rainbow. This board features an array of fresh fruit, including orange slices, grapes, and berries, arranged in a delightful spectrum. Perfect for summer gatherings or birthday parties, this rainbow fruit charcuterie board adds a touch of sweetness to your celebrations.

A square board from the southerly magnolia with fruits, veggies, cheese, and crackers.
Which color are you going for?

3. Eat the Rainbow Snack Board

For a fun and family-friendly approach, try The BakerMama’s colorful board. This playful spread features an assortment of colorful snacks, from cucumber slices and cheese balls to fresh red peppers, dips, and meats. With a variety of textures and flavors, this rainbow charcuterie board is a great way to encourage kids (and adults!) to enjoy a colorful and nutritious snack.

Bakermamas grown up rainbow board with wine, peppers, colorful cheeses, nuts, and more.
A grown up rainbow board.

4. St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Board: Two Ways

Dive into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with Ain’t Too Proud To Meg. This creative rainbow board features two ways to celebrate the holiday. From green grapes to candies, these boards capture the essence of St. Patrick’s Day and the excitement of finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

One of the easiest rainbow charcuterie board ideas with colorful fruit and brie cheese as clouds from aint too proud to meg.
Bries at the end of the rainbow.

5. Rainbow Charcuterie Board

Discover Sargento’s visually striking display of cheeses, fruits, and vegetables that celebrates the colors of the rainbow. This board showcases Sargento’s premium cheeses and provides tips on arranging ingredients to achieve a beautiful rainbow effect. A healthy snack option that can all be found at your local grocery store.

sargento's cheese, veggies, dips, and more on this rainbow charcuterie board.
Even Sargento nows how charcuterie is done!


Learn the art of crafting a rainbow charcuterie board with guidance from Food.com’s step-by-step guide—the process of selecting and arranging a variety of ingredients to create a visually appealing and flavorful spread. With detailed instructions and an emphasis on colors and textures, you’ll be equipped to assemble a delicious charcuterie board that impresses your guests.

An overflowing rainbow charcuterie board from food.com
A packed board of flavor.


Embrace the beauty of a rainbow cheese board with Sarah Hearts. This visually stunning spread features an array of cheeses, fruits, and crackers arranged to mimic the colors of the rainbow, like yellow bell peppers, red apple slices, and fruit preserves.

A small rainbow charcuterie board with breads, crackers, cheese, fruits, and jams from Sarah hearts.
Simple yet colorful.

8. Rainbow Fruit Board

Indulge in a burst of fruity goodness with Tasty Oven. This delightful spread showcases a variety of fresh fruits, from oranges and grapes to berries, and even including green candy.

a rainbow themed charcuterie board with cupcakes, candy, fruit, and a pot of chocolate dip from tasty oven.
A St. Patrick’s Day delight

9. Eat the Rainbow Charcuterie Board

Reluctant Entertainer does it again with a colorful and healthy snack board that celebrates the goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables. Full of rainbow fruits, veggies, cheeses, and more. This delicious charcuterie board has it all.

Reluctant entertainer created a large round board with crackers, blueberries, blackberries, meat, and more.
Large, in charge, and rainbow.


Add a touch of vibrancy to your celebrations with Southern State of Mind’s Rainbow Fruit Charcuterie Board. This visually pleasing spread features a spectrum of fresh fruits arranged to create a stunning rainbow effect. I’d give it a 5 star rating.

Marshmallow clouds and fruit.

11. A Gorgeous Rainbow Snack Board for Pride Month

Celebrate in style with Food Network Canada’s beautiful board. This vibrant and colorful spread features a variety of snacks and ingredients arranged to represent the colors of the rainbow flag. A fun rainbow charcuterie board that everyone will love.

Food network Canada does rainbow with veggies, fruits, and meats. They include red, green, and purple dips.
Even the dip is rainbow!

12. Easy Fruit Rainbow Charcuterie Board

The Quiet Grove’s Easy Fruit Rainbow Charcuterie Board is a combination of healthy snacks and favorite candy. Each ray of the rainbow is a delicious fruity snack with the rainbow fruit platter ending with two bowls of sweet stuff!  this charcuterie board is a great addition to your gatherings and celebrations.

the quiet grove has a rainbow on a square dish with marshmallows and rolos with colorful fruit.
Goodies at the end of the rainbow.


CHOMPS’  has created an edible rainbow out of their beef jerky packets. This grazing board is perfect for any meat eater and includes thin slices of green pepper, broccoli, green dips, and more!

Chomps uses their beef jerky packages to create a rainbow surrounded by green foods.
Even beef jerky can be colorful

14. Rainbow Brunch Charcuterie Board

Elevate your brunch game with Nellie Bellie. Guests will be able to build their own bagels and lox. The options are endless, and all of the choices make it hard to decide what to include. A variety of cheeses, toppings, and some thin slices of salmon fill it up. Making it one of the best breakfast charcuterie boards.

bagel and lox board with an array of colors from nellie bellie.
Delicious rainbow breakfast

15. Rainbow Candy Charcuterie Board

Indulge your sweet tooth with Tamara Camera Blog’s candy charcuterie board. This playful and colorful spread features an assortment of candies, chocolates, and sweet treats arranged to create a vibrant and eye-catching display. It’s the type of board children dream about!

a rainbow of candy like peach rings, lemon drops, green Hersey kisses and more from tamara camera blog.
Colorful sweet treats.

16. Fruity Rainbow Charcuterie Board For St. Patrick’s Day

Get into the festive spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with Mama Bear Wooten. This delightful spread showcases a variety of fruits arranged in the shape of a rainbow to celebrate the holiday. With a touch of creativity and a burst of color, this charcuterie board is a fun and delicious way to embrace the magic of the season.

Mama bear wooten's rainbow of strawberries, melon, pineapple, and more.
Small, simple, and beautiful.

17. Rainbow Charcuterie Board

Esther O Design has created an appetizing display of fresh ingredients. Arranging colorful veggies like slices of yellow pepper, cucumber, and even some rainbow-colored dips. This charcuterie board is a fantastic addition to your gatherings and celebrations.

Esther o design created a rainbow charcuterie board idea with veggies like onions, carrots, corn, and more.
Veggies can create a rainbow too.

18. Easy St Patrick’s Day Rainbow Dessert Charcuterie Board

Another great sweet treat board from Mama Cheaps. This festive board is full of desserts, candies, and treats in all the empty spaces. A rainbow sits right in the middle of the board, making it the perfect holiday board.

a sweet and dessert board with cookies, cupcakes, candies, and more from Mama cheaps.
The luck of the Irish.

19. Simple Rainbow Fruit Platter

A Red Spatula’s Rainbow Fruit Platter features a variety of fruits arranged in the shape of a rainbow. The burst of colors makes this snack tray absolutely beautiful in every way. It takes very little prep time and will be eaten in no time. 

a small personal rainbow board with strawberries, pineapples, grapes, and whipped cream from a red spatula.
A personal rainbow for you.


Elise Museles has a playful and nutritious display of colorful ingredients. Offering a variety of tips and ideas for creating a balanced and visually appealing spread using fruits, vegetables, and dips. With a focus on health and well-being, this charcuterie board is a fantastic way to enjoy a rainbow of flavors while nourishing your body.

Elise museles rainbow charcuterie board idea includes a mix of veggies, fruits, and dips.
Oh, so delicious!

21. Rainbow Vegetarian Charcuterie

Embrace the vibrant and healthful world of Clean Cooking Caitlin. These fun charcuterie boards celebrate the colors of the rainbow with a variety of colorful fruits and veggies. She’s even included some delicious dips to up the appeal. 

clean cooking caitlin includes nectarines, grapes, blueberries and more on her
A simple rainbow of yum.

22. Rainbow Waffle Charcuterie Board

Tasty Oven does it again with a delightful and whimsical twist on the traditional charcuterie concept. This creative breakfast board features a variety of colorful waffles, fruits, and toppings arranged into a creative display. This is one rainbow charcuterie board idea that is a fantastic way to enjoy a rainbow of flavors for breakfast or brunch.

tasty oven has created rainbow waffles with white chocolate chips, fruits, and more.
Rainbow waffles?!

23. Rainbow Brunch Board

Elevate your brunch experience with Spinach and Bacon’s Rainbow Brunch Board, a delicious spread that celebrates the colors of the rainbow. With a variety of ingredients, from fruits and vegetables to cheeses and meats,  this board creates a fun way to eat your favorite snacks.

A mix of brunch and sweets with bagels, cheese, pepperoni, fruits, and more from spinach and bacon.
A breakfast board and delicious choices.

24. Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Brunch Board

Taste the rainbow with Lovely Lucky Life.  Just one festive and flavorful rainbow charcuterie board idea that captures the essence of the holiday. This creative charcuterie board features a variety of ingredients, including blackberries, pineapples, and even some Lucky Charms at the end of the rainbow.

tasty lucky charms at the end of the fruit rainbow from lovely lucky life.
Lucky Charms at the end of the rainbow.

25. Salmon Rainbow Party Salad Board

Waves in the Kitchen’s bright rainbow board is fresh and healthy. This colorful and nutritious spread features a variety of ingredients, including smoked salmon and vibrant veggies, arranged to create a visually stunning and appetizing display.

Waves in the kitchen includes bright vegetables, and salmon.
A bright breakfast charcuterie board.

From festive St. Patrick’s Day celebrations to vibrant Pride Month gatherings, these rainbow charcuterie board ideas offer a creative and flavorful way to enjoy a spectrum of colors and flavors. Whether you’re arranging fruits, cheeses, candies, or meats, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating visually stunning and delicious spreads. So, gather your favorite ingredients, embrace your inner artist, and embark on a journey of crafting rainbow charcuterie boards that add a touch of joy and excitement to your culinary creations.

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