As winter sets in and the holiday season approaches, what better way to celebrate than with a delightful winter charcuterie board? Elevate your holiday parties and family gatherings with a selection of fresh fruits, seasonal cheeses, and a variety of festive treats. We’ve scoured the web to bring you an assortment of winter charcuterie board recipes that are sure to impress your guests and make your holiday celebrations memorable. Let’s dive into the world of winter flavors and create the perfect appetizer for the season!

There are so many great options when it comes to charcuterie tools. Whether you choose to shop in-store or online, there are definitely some must-have items that not only make your winter charcuterie board recipes gorgeous but easy to eat! Remember, anyone can make a cheese platter. You want to make a charcuterie board.

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37 Winter Charcuterie Board Recipes

Whether you have a ton of Christmas parties, holiday gatherings or just want to have a delicious winter charcuterie board to set out during a small gathering. These 37 winter charcuterie board recipes will add a delicious touch to your table.

1. Winter Cheese Board

Embrace the beauty of winter with a cheese board from Yoga of Cooking. Featuring an array of hard and soft cheeses, seasonal fruits like clementines, and a touch of fresh rosemary sprigs, this board is a celebration of the winter season’s rich and comforting flavors.

Yoga of Cooking's charcuterie board features an array of hard and soft cheeses, seasonal fruits like clementines, and a touch of fresh rosemary sprigs
A bountiful winter board that sure is a beauty!

2. Winter Charcuterie Board

Explore a hearty combination of meats and cheeses in Eating Well’s recipe. Perfect for a winter gathering, this board offers a variety of textures and flavors, making it a great addition to your holiday party spread. Full of deep dark colors, this is one of the most beautiful winter charcuterie board recipes with hard cheese like cheddar and traditional charcuterie meats like prosciutto. 

Dried fruit, figs, cheese, chocolate, meat, and nuts complete Eating Well's recipe's winter charcuterie board.
A hearty holiday board for any gathering!

3. Easy Winter Charcuterie Board

Reluctant Entertainer brings you a hassle-free approach to winter entertaining. This easy-to-assemble charcuterie board features an assortment of cheeses, meats, and small bowls of festive accouterments, making it ideal for holiday parties with minimal prep.

Crackers, cheese, meat, olives, and nuts are included on Reluctant Entertainer's winter charcuterie board.
A delightful holiday spread for all your guests to gather around!

4. How to Make an Epic Cheese Board

Learn how to create an epic winter cheese board with The View from Great Island. This board embraces different shapes, textures, and flavors, incorporating fresh herbs and seasonal fruits for a stunning presentation that captures the essence of winter.

The View from Great Island's board shows cheese, nuts, meat, seasonal fruit, and pickles.
Feast your eyes on this festive spread!


Indulge in an easy and inviting winter charcuterie board from Sweet Tea and Thyme. This board combines creamy cheeses, chocolate-covered almonds, and a variety of seasonal fruits like pomegranates, offering a perfect blend of sweet and savory for your holiday gatherings

Sweet Tea and Thyme's board is filled with pomegranates, crackers, cheese, meat, grapes, and olives.
Simply Sweet and Savory!

6. How to Build a Savory Winter Charcuterie Board

Discover how to build a savory winter charcuterie board with Straight to the Hips, Baby—featuring not one, not two, but three different plates. These winter charcuterie board recipes are based on a variety of textures and flavors, like winter fruits such as dried apricots, figs, and cherries. The board is a delicious and artful way to welcome winter and delight your guests.

Straight to the Hips, Baby's winter charcuterie board is complete with berries, meat, cheese, seasonal fruit, and nuts.
Winter-themed and Charming!

7. Simple Winter Cheese Board Ideas

Find inspiration for simple yet elegant winter cheese board ideas with Platings and Pairings. This board offers a good variety of cheeses, fresh honeycomb, and figs, creating a perfect combination for a winter-themed gathering.

Nuts, cheese, clementine's, honey comb,  and figs are included on Platings and Pairings winter cheese board.
A seasonally fresh and and flavorful board.

8. Winter Charcuterie Board

Step into the world of sophistication with The Fancy Pants Kitchen’s recipe. This winter charcuterie board boasts an exquisite selection of cheeses, crackers, and special touches like fig jam that will elevate your holiday entertaining to a whole new level.

Cheese, meats, fig jam, dried fruit, nuts, bread, and crackers are included on The Fancy Pants Kitchen's winter charcuterie board.
Everyone will be ready to cozy up next to this winter board!

9. Winter Cheese Board (that won’t break the bank)

Explore a winter wonderland of flavors with What’s Gaby Cooking and her beautiful board. This winter charcuterie board is a celebration of seasonal fruits, crisp pomegranate arils, castelvetrano olives, and a delightful assortment of cheeses that promise to bring warmth to your holiday gatherings. 

Crackers, cheese, nuts, meats, and olives are a part of What's Gaby Cooking's winter board.
Tis the season to enjoy a beautiful winter charcuterie board!


Discover a delightful winter cheese board from Damn Delicious. Featuring a mix of kumquats, crunchy nuts, and a variety of cheeses, this board is a testament to simplicity, flavor, and different textures, providing a fantastic addition to your holiday table.

Damn Delicious's cheese board is complete with pomegranates, cheese, nuts, seasonal fruit, and crackers.
Love at Frost Sight!


Indulge in a winter charcuterie board spread with inspiration from Feeding the Frasers. This board combines the richness of brie, the freshness of fresh winter fruit, and a selection of cured meats, creating a symphony of flavors that is perfect for entertaining a large crowd.

Feeding the Frasers winter spread includes seasonal fruit, cheese, meats, and crackers,
Stay cozy, EAT, and be merry!


If you don’t have a cutting board, then Appetizer Addiction’s board may be the perfect choice for you. This winter cheese board offers a variety of textures, from creamy goat cheese to sharp cheddar, making it a must-try for those seeking a good variety of flavors for their holiday festivities.

An assortment of cheeses, meats, fruit, olives, and crackers are filling Appetizer Addiction's winter cheese board.
This winter-themed board is un-brrr-lievably beautiful! 

13. Simple Winter Cheese Board

Embrace simplicity and elegance with The Faux Martha’s recipe. This board features small wedges of cheese, fresh cut apples, and the perfect balance of sweet and savory elements, making it an ideal addition to any holiday gathering.

The Faux Martha's board is complete with clementine's, cheese, meat, crackers, and olives.
Indulge in this fresh and flavor-filled board!

14. Winter Meat and Cheese Board Step-by-Step

Learn how to create a winter meat and cheese board step-by-step with Cup of Zest. This board combines the bright colors of winter, different kinds of cheese, the freshness of oranges, and a variety of meats, providing a visually stunning and delicious option for your holiday entertaining.

Cup of Zest winter cheese and meat board is complete with meat, cheese, oranges, nuts, crackers, and jelly.
Zesty, Merry, and Bright!


Celebrate the holiday season with a festive touch by exploring Gather A Table’s recipe. This winter holiday charcuterie board is a feast for the eyes, featuring deep, dark colors, a variety of cheeses like fresh mozzarella balls in olive oil, crisp crackers, and sweet touches like prickly pears that capture the spirit of the season.

Gather A Table's holiday board includes seasonal fruit, chocolate, olives, cheese, and crackers.
Winter Charcuterie that all your guests will be cheerful about!

16. Winter Cheese Board

Indulge in the flavors of winter with Feasting at Home’s grazing board. This board incorporates the tangy sweetness of blood orange marmalade and soft cheeses like brie and blue cheese, providing a unique twist to the classic cheese and charcuterie combination.

Cheese, meats, nuts, and seasonal fruit complete Feasting at Home's winter grazing board.
The most perfect combination of elegance and deliciousness!

17. Snowman Snack Board

Bring a touch of whimsy to your winter celebrations with The BakerMama’s Snowman Snack Board. This creative board features a charming arrangement of cheeses, fruits like crisp pears and pomegranate seeds, and snacks shaped into a snowman, adding a playful element to your holiday table.

The BakerMama's Snowman snack board is filled with pears, apples, cheese, meat, olives, crackers, and nuts.
Who doesn’t love a snowman made of cheese?

18. Winter Burrata Charcuterie Board

Elevate your Christmas dinner with Reluctant Entertainer’s Burrata Charcuterie Board. Featuring the creamy goodness of burrata alongside a carefully curated selection of meats, cheeses, dried fruits, and accompaniments, this board promises a delightful culinary experience for your guests.

The Reluctant Entertainer's charcuterie board is complete with meats, cheese, dried fruit, crackers, and grapes.
Take your taste buds on a winter adventure!


Add a touch of festive flair to your holiday spread with Love Grows Wild’s large serving board. This visually stunning board is arranged in the shape of a wreath, perfect for Christmas parties, incorporating a variety of cheeses, fruits, and festive elements that capture the spirit of the season.

Meats, cheese, berries, pickles. grapes, and crackers fill Love Grow Wild's charcuterie board.
A classy and festive winter grazing board!

20. Winter Cheese Board

Explore a winter cheese board that celebrates the season’s bounty with Zestful Kitchen. This board includes an enticing array of cheeses, dried fruits, honeycomb, and nuts, providing a perfect balance of flavors and textures for your holiday gatherings and making it the perfect winter board.

Cheese, olives, clementine's nuts, and crackers complete Zestful Kitchen's winter cheese board.
Simple way to celebrate the winter season!


Indulge your sweet tooth with Williams Sonoma’s guide on how to build a cookie board. While not your traditional charcuterie, this delightful board features an assortment of cookies and treats, adding a sweet touch to your winter celebrations.

Williams Sonoma's cookie board is filled with cookies and sweet treats.
The sweetest winter cookie board!

22. How to Make an Easy Holiday Cheese Board

Immerse yourself in the festive spirit with Half Baked Harvest’s Easy Holiday Cheese Board. This board embraces the holiday season with a mix of cheeses, charcuterie, and festive garnishes, making it a must-try for your holiday gatherings.

Half Baked Harvest's Cheese board includes nuts, crackers, meats, and cheeses.
Elevate your holiday entertainment!

23. Perfect Trader Joe’s Winter Cheese Board

When it comes to seasonal boards, simplify your holiday preparations with Project Meal Plan’s Trader Joe’s Winter Cheese Board. This board utilizes products from Trader Joe’s, offering a convenient yet impressive spread that requires minimal prep but delivers maximum flavor for your holiday party. Just add everything to your shopping list before hitting the road!

Meats, cheese, crackers, nuts, grapes, and other season fruit complete Project Meal Plan's winter cheese board.
Celebrate the holiday’s in style with this delicious meaty and cheesy board!


Create a winter holiday charcuterie masterpiece with Shared Appetite. This board combines an assortment of cheeses, meats, and seasonal accompaniments like white grainy mustard, creating a visually appealing and delicious display for your festive celebrations.

Shared Appetite's winter board includes cheese, crackers, grapes, and meat.
Sophisticated, Stunning, and Savory!

25. A Winter Charcuterie Board

Explore the artistry of winter entertaining with The Avid Pen. This board is simple, featuring an array of cheeses, fruits, and charcuterie that promises to be easy to make and festive at the same time. 

The Avid Pen's board is filled with cheese, meat, pomegranates, oranges, and nuts.
Simple winter cheese board!


Discover a winter charcuterie board that embodies the season’s charm with Parsnips and Pastries. This board incorporates a variety of cheeses, seasonal fruits, and festive garnishes, offering a delightful combination of flavors and textures for your holiday gatherings.

Crackers, cheese, nuts, grapes, and olives complete Parsnips and Pastries winter charcuterie board.
A winter charcuterie masterpiece all your friends will devour!

27. How to Build a Winter Charcuterie Board

Learn the art of building a winter charcuterie board with Skinny Ms. This guide provides tips and tricks for creating a balanced and visually appealing board that is sure to be a hit at your holiday parties.

Grapes, bread, meat, cheese, nuts, and clementines fill Yoga of Cookings winter cheese board.
Dive into this incredible holiday grazing board!

28. Creating a Winter Charcuterie Board this Season

Master the art of creating a winter charcuterie board with An Edited Lifestyle. This board is a perfect blend of flavors from cheese, textures from dried fruit, and seasonal ingredients that will elevate your winter celebrations to a whole new level.

Soft and hard cheese, meats, nuts, crackers, pretzels, and dried fruit fill An Edited Lifestyles winter board.
A seasonal artistic board all your friends will enjoy!

29. How to Make a Winter Charcuterie Board

Raise a toast to the season with Kanpai Wine’s Winter Charcuterie Board. This board expertly combines a selection of cheeses, meats, and accompaniments, offering a perfect pairing for your favorite wines during the winter festivities.

Meats, nuts, cheese, bread, crackers, and wine complete Kanpai Wine's Winter Charcuterie Board.
A perfectly paired holiday board!


Celebrate the winter solstice with Honest Cooking’s dark winter board. This board captures the essence of the season with a thoughtfully curated selection of cheeses, meats, and seasonal delights such as dark purple grapes, plums, hummus, and more. It will warm your gatherings during the longest night of the year.

Grapes, meats, berries, pears, cheese, figs, and crackers fill Honest Cooking's winter board.
A dark winter board that is absolutely elegant!

31. Trader Joe’s Winter Cheese & Charcuterie Board

Simplify your holiday preparations with Make with Mara’s winter charcuterie board. This board utilizes Trader Joe’s products for a convenient yet impressive spread that requires minimal prep, making it perfect for busy holiday entertaining.

Make with Mara's winter board includes pomegranates, meat. cheese, clementine's, and crackers.
Everyone will love the festive cut cheese snowman and stars.


Bring festive cheer into your celebrations with Aberdeen’s Kitchen. This board features a well-balanced selection of cheeses, fruits, and accompaniments, creating a visually appealing delicious spread for your holiday parties. The red pop of color throughout this board really puts you in the holiday spirit! 

Grapes, tomatoes, mozzarella, cheese, crackers, and seasonal fruit complete Aberdeen's Kitchen winter cheese board.
This board has something for everyone to enjoy!

33. Winter Cheese Board with German Beer Cheese Fondue

Delight your guests with the interactive experience of a Foxes Love Lemons’ Winter Cheese Board Fondue. This creative take on a charcuterie board incorporates elements of fondue, offering a unique and festive way to enjoy your favorite cheeses and accompaniments.

Chocolate, pomegranate, cheese, grapes, meat, bread, and seasonal fruit are included on Foxes Love Lemons' Winter cheese board.
Nothing says “Happy Holidays” better than delicious beer cheese!

34. How to Create a Caprese Christmas Wreath Charcuterie Board

Add a touch of holiday magic to your table with Amazing Charcuterie Boards‘ Caprese Christmas Wreath. This festive board creatively is shaped like a traditional wreath with a caprese twist. Delicious red cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls, and fresh basil make this board shine. 

Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, olives, and meat fill Amazing Charcuterie boards.
What says Christmas better than a mozzarella ball wreath!?!

35. Vegan Winter Wonderland Charcuterie Board

If you have some guests with special diets attending your gathering or party, this vegan winter charcuterie board from Meal Garden is a great choice. It features vegan meat, cheeses, and plenty of options to ensure everyone is satisfied.

Cheese, nuts, meat, and fruit fill Meal Gardens vegan winter charcuterie board.
Simply Delicious!

36. Winter Wonderland Charcuterie Board

Transform your holiday gatherings into a winter wonderland with Meal Garden’s Winter Wonderland Charcuterie Board. This board is a simple board with all the delicious options people love to see on a traditional charcuterie board.

Meal Garden's board includes grapes, blueberries, strawberries, cheese, and bread.
A healthy, happy holiday snacking board!

37. Build Your Own Hot Chocolate Bar

Cap off your winter celebrations with a sweet touch using Aint Too Proud To Meg’s Build Your Own Hot Chocolate Board. While not your traditional charcuterie, this delightful board allows your guests to customize their hot chocolate with various toppings and treats, adding a cozy and indulgent element to your winter festivities.

Marshmallows, cookies, chocolate, and sprinkles are included on Ain't Too Proud to Meg's Hot Chocolate Bar board.
It’s hot chocolate weather!

As we conclude this winter charcuterie adventure, you now have a treasure trove of recipes and inspiration to craft the perfect spread for your holiday gatherings. Whether you opt for traditional charcuterie boards, cookie displays, or creative and whimsical arrangements, these ideas offer a variety of options to suit every taste and style. Embrace the warmth and joy of the season as you gather with loved ones, sharing delightful flavors and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Here’s to a winter filled with festive celebrations, good company, and, of course, delicious charcuterie delights!

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