Managing electronics usage can be a big challenge. Use this free screen time rules printable to take back control of devices.

Kids also can use a bit of help keeping there day organized. This daily schedule can be helpful for setting up solid routines.

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Is too much screen time bad?

Too much screen time may have a negative effect on a child’s development and overall well-being.  Kids can be at risk for:

  • Poor Sleep – The more screen time a child has, the more likely they have trouble asleep or maintain a regular sleep schedule.  Watching TV before bed increases this risk. While we have always had no TV in room policy we have to also monitor tablets and computers.
  • Obesity – Spending excessive amounts of time in front of a screen keep us from being active.
  • Problems with Behavior and Attention – While some screen time can be very educational too much media use can often lead to difficulties in school. Kids may suffer from attention problems, hyperactivity, and behavioral issues.

What is the right amount of screen time for kids?

Children under the age of 2 should have little to no screen time – During this time of rapid brain development, children learn by interacting with others, playing, and exploring. We don’t want to disrupt this important time with screen time unless it is a bit of video chatting.

If you have a child aged 2-5 watch educational shows and play online games with them. They will learn better with you.

Older children should have about 2 hours of screen time according to the Academy of Pediatrics. However, they have realized that kids are now learning online and this limit isn’t attainable by most in our digital world. So the best advice is to set limits and monitor.

If you are the mom of a teen you realize a couple of hours limit is next to impossible.  The biggest thing is to be aware of the usage and offer alternatives and monitor the sites they visit.

Place consistent limits on the time spent using media, the types of media, and make sure screen time does not take the place of getting enough sleep, physical activity, and other healthy activities and interaction with others.

For us using a screen time chart holds them accountable for getting stuff done before they spend time on media.

How Can I Limit Screen Time?

Provide Alternatives. Having activities on hand like coloring books, puzzles and craft supplies can help provide alternative options. Here is a long list of kid’s activities. You will also find a printable list of ideas in that post.

Set clear expectations and following through. Believe me, I know it is hard. The screen is an easy babysitter. But if we have other options available we will find kids can entertain themselves. Plus, there is the benefit of having happy healthy kids.

Here is what we agreed up as a family for our screen time rules.

This will vary from kid to kid. I have a kid that forgets to eat so now I have found my secret weapon. Just choose what works for you and remember this chart only lasts a week so it can be changed.

We also ended up drawing a line and she can have screen time after the first three things are done so she can “check-in” with her friends. Then the next several items must be done before more screen time etc.

filled out screen rules

If you love charts and checklists to keep your kids organized I have a 14-page bundle in my shop. It even includes journal pages and is in bullet journal style to encourage doodling!

printable charts

Got kids loosing teeth? This free printable tooth fairy letter makes sending the tooth fairy very special.

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