If you have a slow cooker (Crock-Pot)  I hope you can use this handy slow cooker cheat sheet.  It is a simple reference guide that answers common slow cooking questions.

Slow Cooker Reference Guide

[Download and print the Slow Cooker Cooking Time Chart here]

slow cooker cooking times chart

Just print the chart in color and hang on the inside of your cabinet door.  You can even laminate this slow cooker cheat sheet if you would like to give it more protection.

Slow Cooker Tips

  • Cut food into even pieces so that they cook evenly at the same time.
  • Always cook covered.
  • Season well! The longer cooking times of the slow cooker can diminish the flavor of herbs and spices.
  • If you have time brown meats first. Brown is a flavor and not a color when cooking!
  • Don’t use too much liquid. Most slow cooker recipes call for 50 percent less liquid than regular recipes (except of soups and sauces).

Slow Cooker Recipes

Here are some of my family’s favorite slow cooker recipes.

Slow Cooker Baked Potatoes. We love being able to have delicious baked potatoes even in the summer when I don’t want to turn on our oven.  Set out a few toppings for a baked potato bar and you have a fun interactive meal!

Crock Pot Lasagna is another crowd pleaser and it is easy to throw together!

Buffalo Chicken sandwiches are probably the easiest Crock-Pot recipe out there and they never disappoint.  I am gluten free so I make a buffalo chicken lettuce wrap.

Crock Pot Candy is probably the craziest thing we make in the slow cooker! Candy!?! Yes, we make delicious peanut clusters in our Crock-Pot!

Chex Mix can even be made in the crockpot!

More Kitchen Cheat Sheets

I find these reference charts save me time in the kitchen. If you have an Instant Pot I have one for it too!

Instant Pot Cheat Sheet

instant pot cheat sheet

Do you ever have to ask how many cups in a quart?  I never can remember all those measurements

How many cups in a quart Cooking Conversion Cheat Sheet

Conversion Chart


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