Happy Thanksgiving! It’s time to gather your family and friends for a day of food, football, and lots of laughter. This year I have something fun to do that will keep you busy until it’s time for the big feast: a Thanksgiving Word search.

Lighten the mood and keep everyone laughing with these Thanksgiving jokes!

Free Thanksgiving Word search Printables

Have you heard of the word search puzzle? A word search game is a fast-paced activity where players use their eyes to find hidden words in jumbled letters. This is great for kids who are bored during the holidays because they can play on their own or with friends. while the adults are sitting around the table chatting about old times. So grab a pen and start looking for these Thanksgiving themed words and phrases. Festive word lists like family, feast, pie, and potatoes. Do you see them in this word scramble?

How to Print

Click the button under the image to open the free printable Thanksgiving word search. Print out the PDF on white copy paper, and solve away! Print as many as you like. They are all free for you to enjoy! I hope you will always think of me when looking for fun activities to do with your friends and family.

Don’t let the Thanksgiving food coma set in just yet! This fun word search is perfect to keep you occupied and entertained this holiday weekend.

These free word search games also work perfectly for classroom use. Not only can kids expand their vocabulary. It can be a fun way to test their knowledge of terms like Plymouth and Wampanoag. Younger children might like to share what food they like most like turkey or stuffing. These sheets can be a fun game and also conversation starters.

So many Thanksgiving-themed words to find so start searching. Happy hunting!

free printable word search puzzle
Word Search Template with Answer Key

Grab your pencils and test your spelling skills while having a ton of fun!

More Fun Thanksgiving Day Activities

Here is a great list of Thanksgiving ideas. These Thanksgiving games will entertain your kiddos (and adult) and make for a memorable Thanksgiving dinner. I hope you enjoy them!

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