Thanksgiving isn’t just about the turkey and pumpkin pie on the dinner table—it’s the perfect time to create memorable moments with family and friends. A fun way to spice up the holiday gathering than with some fantastic games? From classic simple games to inventive fun ideas, here’s a roundup of the best Thanksgiving games that are sure to bring joy and laughter to your celebration.

The best part is that most of these fun party games can be played with the whole family, require little prep, and will take your Thanksgiving day to the next level. Some games are great for helping little hands enhance their fine motor skills, while others are awesome for older kids as well.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Games

Your whole family is sure to love these

roll a turkey game card from skip to my lou with dice and m&m's
Roll a Turkey
Rollin' into Thanksgiving with our 'Roll a Turkey' game! 🦃🎲 Let the dice decide how your turkey looks!
roll the dice printable on a table with dice
Roll the Dice
This roll-the-dice game is a family favorite game not only because of how easy it is to set up but because at the end of the game, we all end up feeling happy and grateful for days.
Printable thanksgiving pictionary cards on top of an orange background with thanksgiving decorations. pdf printable from skip to my lou
Thanksgiving Pictionary
Get ready to add a bit of laughter to your Thanksgiving season with a game of Thanksgiving Pictionary! I’m excited to make your festivities easy by offering free printable cards featuring a variety of Thanksgiving words.
Printable would you rather thanksgiving on top of an orange background with thanksgiving decorations. pdf printable from skip to my lou
Thanksgiving Would You Rather
Thanksgiving Would You Rather questions are designed to entertain, provoke thought, start fun dinner conversations, and bring joy to your celebration. So, gather around the table, loosen your belts, and prepare for laughter, storytelling, and perhaps a few unexpected revelations.
Thanksgiving Trivia Printable
Thanksgiving Trivia
Add a dash of fun to your Thanksgiving feast with this trivia quiz! Let the laughter and friendly competition begin as we test our Turkey Day smarts!
Printable thanksgiving scavenger hunt with clues on top of a yellow and brown background.
Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt
Get ready for some excitement as your little adventurers search high and low around the house.Make this Thanksgiving extra memorable and full of giggles with this awesome scavenger hunt!
Conversation Starters
Thanksgiving Dinner Questions
Conversation starters are a great way to keep family members and guests entertained before during and or after your meal. These printable cards give you non-controversial conversation topics and things to talk about. There is no wrong answer, just interesting topics that lead to meaningful conversations. This is a super fun game to play to get to know each other.
thanksgiving placemat
Thanksgiving Placemats
Free printable placemats for the kids table are loaded with games to play to keep the kids engaged and entertained.

Fun Thanksgiving Games

  • Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest
    Who can devour a slice of pumpkin pie the fastest? This messy but delightful game adds a tasty twist to the celebrations. Just make sure to have plenty of napkins on hand!
  • Leaf Pile Relay Race
    If the weather is great and you have a yard full of leaves fill a basket with leaves and set it at one end of the yard. Divide into teams and, using a large serving spoon, transfer as many leaves as possible to an empty basket at the other end without dropping any. Fast-paced and amusing!
  • Thanksgiving Charades
    Put a Thanksgiving twist on the classic charades game by acting out holiday-themed words or phrases. It’s a riot to watch as players try to convey turkey or pilgrim-related terms without speaking! Need a list of words? Use the pictionary words above.
  • Feather Frenzy
    Hand out feathers (or paper feathers) to participants and challenge them to collect as many feathers as they can by discreetly sticking them onto others’ clothing without getting caught.
  • The Great Turkey Escape
    Set up an obstacle course with Thanksgiving-themed challenges (crawling through “stuffing” (pillows), balancing cranberries on a spoon, etc.) and time each participant as they race to complete it.
  • Thanksgiving Heads Up
    Write down Thanksgiving-themed words on paper, and each person sticks one to their forehead. Everyone else gives clues to help guess the word on their card. It’s a delightful game to keep the conversation light and entertaining while enjoying the meal.
  • Traffic Yam
    In Traffic Yam, participants, both kids and adults, balance yams (or sweet potatoes) on spoons, hilariously navigating across the room; dropping the yam means restarting until someone successfully reaches the finish line to claim victory!
  • Turkey Tag:
    Engage in a Thanksgiving spin on flag tag to energize post-feast sluggishness. Players sport three clothespins on their attire, dashing to snatch pins from others—a lively game blending movement with spirited competition. This is perfect to get everyone outdoors weather permitting.

Minute to Win It Style Thanksgiving Games

Here are some quick and entertaining Thanksgiving-themed version “Minute to Win It” style games:

  • Cranberry Tower
    Using toothpicks and cranberries, challenge participants to build the tallest tower within a minute. The tower must stay standing for a certain duration to qualify as a completed structure. The one with the highest stack at the end wins.
  • Turkey Feather Flick
    Using a straw, players try to blow turkey feathers (or paper cutouts shaped like feathers) across a table within a minute. The farthest distance wins.
  • Gobble Gummy Grab
    Participants use chopsticks to pick up gummy turkeys or candy corns from a plate and transfer them to another plate within a minute. The most candies moved wins.
  • Turkey Baster Challenge
    Fill a bowl with water and provide a turkey baster. Participants must transfer as much water as possible from one bowl to another using only the turkey baster within a minute.
  • Stuff the Turkey
    Use balloons as “turkeys” and stuff them with small items (candy, small toys). Players have a minute to inflate and stuff as many balloons as possible to win the items inside.
  • Pie Pan Pong
    Place pie tins or plates with different point values on the floor. Participants have a minute to bounce ping pong balls into the tins to score points.
  • Turkey Leg Wrap
    Race against the clock to wrap a teammenber from head to toe in brown burlap or streamers, aiming to look like a turkey leg in one minute or less.

These quick and lively games are perfect for adding a burst of energy and excitement to your Thanksgiving gathering in just five minutes each!

Thanksgiving Party Games

If you are looking for more kid friendly things these games found on Amazon (affiliate links) are perfect for a friendly showdown on Thanksgiving Day!

Pin the Hat on the Turkey

Image shows a picture of a turkey with Thanksgiving decorations and a young girl blindfolded playing Pin the hat on the turkey.

Thanksgiving Photo Booth

Compilation of different Thanksgiving Photo Booth ideas such as glasses, turkeys, Thanksgiving food, etc.

Thanksgiving Toss

Thanksgiving Toss game and a kid playing with it

Candy Corn Bowling

Candy corn bowling set

Thanksgiving Bingo

Set of printable Thanksgiving bingo

In the spirit of togetherness and joy, Thanksgiving games bring laughter, bonding, and cherished memories to the holiday table. From lively competitions to heartwarming activities, these games foster connections, making each moment a treasure during this special time of gratitude and celebration. Whether it’s the laughter-filled challenges or the heartfelt expressions of thanks, these games leave an indelible mark, creating an unforgettable Thanksgiving experience for all.

More Turkey Day Ideas

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