Warm and cozy everyone loves good cup of hot chocolate.  Take your hot chocolate up a notch with  what I think are the best hot chocolate recipes. Serve it with these butterscotch gingerbread cookies they are the perfect winter treat. What is your favorite hot chocolate recipe? Share with me in the comments.

The Best Hot Chocolate Recipes

Caramel Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

Simple and heavenly dessert hot chocolate! Rich milk hot chocolate made with caramel and marshmallow fluff. 

the best hot chocolate recipes

Nutella Hot Chocolate

This hot cocoa with Nutella recipe is super simple to make, and it makes a really special warm drink for winter.

the best hot chocolate recipes

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

This Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate is a great Starbucks copycat, that may even be better than the real thing, only because I can add an extra heaping amount of caramel if I want to.

the best hot chocolate recipes

S’mores Hot Chocolate

Enjoy a cup full of your favorite fall campfire treat that you can enjoy in the comforts of your own home.

the best hot chocolate recipes

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Yummy, chocolatety, goodness in a glass.

the best hot chocolate recipes

For a cute gift idea, make this snowman hot chocolate. It comes with a free printable label you can use. Makes the perfect neighbor gift or gift for a friend.  Comes together very quickly too.



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  1. Love this!
    It’s perfect for a windy/cold winter day.
    I added some mint extract to freshen things up a bit, and it tasted wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing this recipe to us.

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