Let me walk you through step by step how to tie dye a shirt and then turn it into a cool tie dye t-shirt bag is super easy to make and takes only takes minutes to sew.

tshirt bag tutorial

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How To Tie Dye T Shirt

I used One-Step Mini Tie Dye Kit (found at craft stores)  and a child’s medium t-shirt. We already had a Tulip One-Step Dyes Kit with spray bottles that my daughter wanted to try.

The plain bottles are easier to handle, but she loved wanted to try the spray bottles! There are many tie dye techniques and some require extra ingredients like soda ash and special dyes. This is why these one-step kits are so appealing. They come with everything you need: dye color powder, squeeze bottles, rubber bands, and even rubber gloves. All you need are cotton shirts. Of course, you can dye more garments like socks, shorts, shoes, and fabric.

tie dye tshirt bag supplies

Note: We did not prewash our shirts. Someone was in a hurry to get to the project. Normally I would always prewash any fabric before beginning a craft project. However, in this case, it didn’t seem to matter.

How to Spiral Tie Dye

First, let’s get the t-shirt ready!

There are many tie dye patterns to make with the rubber bands. I am showing you how to do spiral tie dye patterns. Some call it a swirl pattern.

To make a spiral design shirt a fork is a really handy tool.  Place the fork in the center middle of the shirt. Press down firmly (without going through the fabric) and begin twisting.

hot to spiral tie dye

Twist until the entire shirt is in a spiral shape. Tightly wrap rubber bands around the shirt.

how to spiral tie dye tutorial

These tulip kits are super easy to use and include everything you need, even gloves! Just add water to the squirt bottles already pre-filled with dye powders. Shake to mix the dye and you are ready to start dying. Be sure to wear gloves and cover you area with a plastic table cloth or large trash bag.

Now we are ready to get tie dying! Place dye in each section between the rubber bands. Make sure to really saturate the fabric. Placing the shirt on paper towels will keep the excess dye from running everywhere.

how to spiral tye dye shirt

Allow the shirt to sit for about six to 24 hours. I typically place it in a plastic bag or wrap in plastic wrap to keep from getting on other things.   Rinse the shirt and then wash following manufacturer instructions. We placed the shirt in our washing machine (alone or with other tie dyed shirts) and washed it with cold water. Once you have made your amazing tie dye t-shirt you are ready to turn it into a cool bag for the summer.

spiral tie dye shirt

What can you do with a tie dye t-shirt?  How about turning it into a fun bag? You might want to make some shoes to match!

How to make a t-shirt into a bag

Lay the shirt out flat. Align the edges of the sleeves and bottom of the shirt.

spiral tie dye

Carefully fold the shirt in half. Cut around the neck and sleeves.

tshirt bag tutorial

Open up the shirt. Turn the shirt inside out and sew across the bottom of the shirt.

tshirt bag how to copy

Turn the shirt right side out and you have an amazing bag!

tie dye t-shirt bag

Now you know how to make tie dye shirts (and bags) you might also like to have more fun with these 50 crafts and activities for hours of summer fun! If you are looking for more fun things to do this summer with your kids be sure to check out these fun crafts.

Summer is a great time to learn how to sew. I even have a summer bucket list to print. If you would like to do some sewing be sure to check out my kids sewing tutorials. I even have fun printable sewing sheets for sewing practice.

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  1. I found the dye at Michaels. I have also seen the kits at Walmart, JoAnns and Hobby Lobby.

  2. Love this one! My daughter has been wanting to tye dye things for weeks! Thank you!

  3. Looks like fun to try with the grandkids when they come over for a sleepover.

  4. I’d stitch the ends of the seams of the shoulders so they don’t unravel.

    And if I were to do this, I’d sew a zipper to the cut end of the sleeve, sew the sleeve end shut, then sew it inside the bag, for 2 separate internal storage bags.

    I only have a couple dozen tie-dyes, though, so not sure if I can spare any.

  5. Wow, I didn’t know it was so easy. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a fun and easy project. My sister had these tie dye pillow cases made and they look awesomw. Now I can tell show her how to make her own!

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