Who needs a party planner when you’ve got my DIY Tiny Birthday Box banner and sticker tutorial? I’m so excited to share this super fun and easy DIY gift box idea, banner and sticker file designed to celebrate the birthday of your favorite people!

Tiny birthday party in a box with candles, a cake topper, sprinkles for a cake and a Happy Birthday banner by Skip to my Lou.
Make someone’s birthday with this mini party in a box!

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I have purchased a bridal shower in a box and admit, it was very handy. I used 60% of the items.

So, when designing this tiny treasure, I made sure to include all the things! An easy to make, colorful Happy Birthday banner and fun stickers to apply to the different elements inside the box. You will make your own filler paper using cardstock or tissue paper. And for the cake topper, candles and sprinkles, you choose what the recipient likes best!

Birthday candle and lighter in a bag that says, 'Wish Big.' Sprinkles in a bag that says, 'Just add cake!' and a cake topper that says Happy Birthday by Skip to my Lou.
Can you believe all this fits in one box? So fun!

Let’s Get Started on our Tiny Birthday Box

You will need a few supplies, so round up the following:

  • colored ink cartridge
  • my pdf template for the banner and the stickers (keep scrolling to download button!)
  • colored card stock if you are making crinkled box filler
  • tissue paper if you are not making your own box filler
  • sticker paper or circle punch cutter
  • scissors
  • cardboard box (You can find foil wrapped gift boxes at some stores!)
  • wrapping paper if you do not find a pre-wrapped box
  • small plastic zippered bags for holding sprinkles, candles, etc.
  • Sprinkles and a Happy Birthday cake topper of your choice
  • candles and a lighter
  • cord or satin ribbon or cute string for banner
  • double-sided tape or hot glue gun and glue stick to set banner pieces
  • balloons, candy or trinkets the celebrant loves
Letters spelling Happy, a blue and white cotton string and a pair of pink and black handled scissors by Skip to my Lou.
Easy breezy construction with no building permits needed!

Here are the Instructions for the banner

  • Download and print the banner file and carefully trim each letter into a perfect rectangle. I mean, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but the more careful you are, the more uniform the banner will be!
A blue and white string over a gray rectangle. This shows how to put the banner together by Skip to my Lou.
This cute string comes in several color combinations for an adorable banner!
  • Fold each letter in half and place the cord or string on the crease. Don’t glue the letters in place until you’ve spaced them like you want. To allow the letters to slide along the string, glue 1 cm below the cord to the bottom and hold for 1 minute each. The letter should slide freely this way. Look at the very last picture to see a completed banner.
A white capital H on a red background by Skip to my Lou
First letter done! See, it’s easy!
  • Flip banner letters over to cut out the triangle at the bottom to give your banner a festive edge.
A white triangle trimmed from the bottom of the red rectangle, by Skip to my Lou.
  • Almost finished!
Colorful letters spelling Happy strung together with a blue and white string by Skip to my Lou.
  • Attach mini clothes pins to each end of the banner to make hanging it a snap!
An orange mini wooden clothes pin attached to a blue and white string holding a banner saying Happy Birthday by Skip to my Lou.
These mini wooden clothes pins are just the right size for this mini banner!
  • Fold the banner like an accordion to carefully pack in in the box.
  • Make the fun accordion folded filler paper, or buy it pre-made. Pack up the sprinkles, cake topper, candles and whatever else you are going to include.

Instructions for the Stickers

  • Download the sticker file and print on sticker paper or use a circle punch to cut out stickers.
A tiny birthday party in a box with a Happy Birthday banner folded neatly, a bag of colorful cake sprinkles, a Happy Birthday cake topper and a candle and lighter by Skip to my Lou.
  • Apply stickers to plastic bags as shown.
Gold foil box with the lid half off revealing the contents of the tiny birthday box. Contents are a Happy Birthday banner, sprinkles, a candle and lighter and colorful paper by Skip to my Lou.
  • Boom! Birthday Party in a Tiny Box!!!
Movie showing the lid being lifted off a tiny birthday box by Skip to my Lou.
One of my favorite things is surprising people on their birthdays and other occasions!
Beautiful young lady smiling and holding a colorful banner that says Happy Birthday by Skip to my Lou.
Happy Birthday, Beautiful Birthday Girl!

Before You Go

Thank you for stopping by to check out my DIY Tiny Birthday Box today! Please leave me a comment below and let me know how yours turned out! And I’ve got you covered on all things Gifting and Party, so enjoy these, too!

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