This super easy witch hat drawing takes 10 minutes to make and adds the perfect spooky touch to any Halloween artwork! Try it today!

black and white drawing of a pointed witch hat by Skip to my Lou.
Witch Hat Drawing

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Hocus Pocus let’s all Focus on drawing this witch hat!

Drawing this Halloween witch hat requires no magic! Just 10 minutes and a pencil! You will love this little drawing lesson where you learn to sketch this witch hat. So, follow the step-by-step instructions starting here.

  1. Draw the front of the brim of the hat by starting with a curved line that tilts from left to right. Drop diagonal lines from each end of the line, making the line on the right side longer. Connect these diagonal lines with a line that has 6 upward zig-zags as shown in the illustration.brim of witch hat
  2. Make the bottom of the hat brim by drawing a curved line from the left that straightens out and comes to a point at the right side. Notice how this line only has 3 zig-zags.details on brim of witch hat
  3. Draw a shadow line that is parallel to the bottom line.interior lining of witches hat
  4. Make the top of the hat by drawing a triangle shape tilted to the right. Notice how the lines are not perfectly straight. Make sure to add the bumps because you will draw lines later to show folds in the top of the witch hat.add pointy top of witch hat
  5. Draw the hat band using a set of parallel lines that sit slightly above the brim.add band on witch hat
  6. Use straight lines to form a buckle on the hat band.add buckle to witch's hat
  7. Draw the first of two folds by dropping a straight line down from the bottom of the little hump on the left side. Finish the line with an upturn, like a little “v”.add a crease to top point of hat
  8. Make the final fold in the top of the witch hat by drawing a straight line up from the hump on the left side and finishing it off with a little “v” like before. Use a black sharpie pen to go over all your lines except for the shadow to draw a witch hat

Free Printable Witch Hat Drawing Guide

step by step witch hat drawing

Drawing Supplies you could use for this witch hat

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Before you go

Thank you for stopping by to check out my easy drawing tutorial! I hope my easy tips help kids of all ages draw a spooky witch hat! I can’t wait to hear how your hats turned out! And you may want to take a look at some of my other witch-themed ideas!

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