2021 Good News Trivia game is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise unhealthy atmosphere. Who won’t benefit from looking at the positive things that happened during 2021?

Here at Skip to My Lou, we believe in the power of positivity, seeing the glass half full, and all things loving and kind. Take a look at these New Year Quotes for another dose of positivity or Vitamin P!

2022 Good News Trivia Questions

1. Which country demonstrated its Hoverbike in flight for the first time in September at the Detroit Auto Show? The Xturismo hoverbike can stay aloft for 40 minutes and only costs $500,000 dollars at this time. The good news is that a $50,000 dollar model is being developed at this time.

Answer: Japan

2. In October, which nation placed Rishi Sunak as its Prime Minister? Mr. Sunak is the first person of color to head this government.

Answer: Britain

3. Which species of whale has rebounded from a population of 10,000 to 80,000 as of 2022 due to global conservation efforts?

Answer: The Humpback Whale

4. Doctors in what country were approved to prescribe year-long national park prescriptions as a way to help improve the mental and/or physical health of their patients?

Answer: Canada. 1,000 doctors in the 4 Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba can now prescribe a Parks Canada Discovery Pass to get their patients into nature for a minimum of 2 hours per week.

5. Which famous family celebrated their milestone of saving their 90,000th animal at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital?

Answer: The Irwin Family

6. What is the name of the Instagram history teacher whose 800,000 followers called the “Governerds,” raised over 4.2 million dollars for funding grants? The grants are submitted by classroom teachers for supplies, forgiving medical debt, and supporting World Central Kitchen and Care in Ukraine.

Answer: Sharon McMahon

7. Who is the first black woman to be featured on the quarter?

Answer: Maya Angelou


2021 Good News Trivia Questions

  1. Which singing artist released her first album in five years titled 30?
  2. Which U.S. city officially become a ‘no-kill’ city after achieving a pet rescue rate of more than 90%?
  3. Which sporting legend donated $10 million to open health clinics in his hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina. His generous contribution means people who are either uninsured or underinsured, afford essential medical care.
  4. A NASA rover successfully converted some of Mars’s carbon-dioxide-rich atmosphere into oxygen in April. What is the name of the rover?.
  5. The United Nations officially declared 2021 the “Year of ________________?
  6. In March, director Chloé Zhao made history by becoming the first Asian woman to win a Golden Globe for best director. What movie did she win for?
  7. In March 2021, a breakthrough for paralyzed people happened at Brown University when they successfully transmitted wirelessly _____________ to a computer for the first time.
  8. As of 2021, what animal from China is off the endangered list?
  9. Which 3 companies launched renewable vehicles to space and back in 2021?
  10. Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical, which began as a somewhat sincere joke on the app, gave us hope for wholesome content by raising over a million dollars for whom?
  11. For the first time, astronomers observed ________ bending behind a black hole — 800 million light years away from Earth.
  12. October 20 of this year, on Pismo State Beach, 8,000 ____________ were counted.
  13. In October, the World Health Organization approved the first-ever vaccine against what disease?
  14. Which American gymnast, dropped out of the Olympics spurring a healthy debate about mental health and athletes?
  15. Which beloved sitcom had a reunion hosted by HBO and featured the entire cast?
  16. Which iconic music group released their first album in 40 years?
  17. “The Hill We Climb” was recited by the youngest inaugural poet. What is her name and age at the time?
  18. News from Kenya. There was no poaching of what animal in 2021?
  19. In spite of historic challenges, what industry is having a boom in sales?

2021 Good News Trivia Answers

  1. Adele
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Michael Jordan
  4. Perseverance, This success could pave the way for humans on Mars.
  5. ‘Year of International Peace and Trust’.
  6. Nomadland
  7. Brain Signals which will remove cumbersome wires and take this tech one step closer to home use.
  8. Great Panda
  9. Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, and SpaceX
  10. Struggling Actors
  11. Light, This finding, detailed in the journal Nature , once again confirmed Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.
  12. Monarch Butterflies, only 300 were counted last year, conservationists are encouraged to see these numbers rising.
  13. Malaria. 
  14. Simone Biles
  15. Friends
  16. ABBA
  17. Amanda Gorman, age 22
  18. Rhino
  19. Bookstores

how to play trivia questions and answers

  • Print the Good News Questions and Answers
  • Decide if you want to allow players to use electronics to find the answers
  • Decide if you want to make teams or play individually
  • Read the questions and share the correct answers

I hope you enjoy these quiz questions and answers.

why good News trivia?

This game can be played with friends and family and is easy to prepare! The questions span a variety of trivia categories to test your knowledge. Players with an interest in pop culture can be partnered with those who follow historical events and have the general knowledge to make a balanced team to go head to head.

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