Are you looking for hair style ideas for girls? Here are some amazing braided pigtail hair styles for girls. Whether their hair is long or short there is a cute style just for you. I have spent a little time looking for styles that are easy, don’t talk a lot of time and adorable! I have found that with a little practice even I can learn to do almost any hair style. So don’t be too intimidated with just a little effort you, too can become a very good hair stylist.  All these styles are perfect for back-to-school! Let’s get started…

Amazing Braided Pigtail Styles for Girls

Criss-Crossing Pigtails and Lacy Buns

Check out this awesome girls’ hairstyle! Six mini ponytails are woven into a really cool look – up the back and ending in two fluffy buns on the top of the head. Fun pink bands and ribbons make the twin tails pop.

Elastic Waterfall

This picture was taken on day two with this style and may have some flyaway hair but it still looks great for day two, right? Proof that this hairstyle is toddler proof. 

Quick & Easy Bang Pullback

This style is one you can really do with or without bangs and is one that is perfect for a school morning or when you’re running short on time. This will keep the hair out of the face and under control. Older kids can even learn how to do this style on their own. Add some loose curls to finish it off.

Pull Through Braid

The style looks something like a simple braid, but the elbows are not offset… they are exactly the same, looking like little inverted hearts sitting on top of each other. Best of all it’s pretty simple to do.

Easy Waterfall Braid

I really love this style but if I am being honest it intimidated me a bit. I am a visual person so a video tutorial was a absolute must. She makes it looks so easy!

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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