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Hi, My name is Laura and I told Cindy I would share a few hair tips. Do you have limp roots? Would you like to add a little volume to your hair. Here are a few ideas that work very well for me and for most hair types. If you like hair tutorials check out this post on how to create no heat curls.


Adding volume to your hair is easy.  A few extra steps can make your hair look completely different and it’s easier than you think.  I hate flat roots.  Whether you have thick hair or thin hair these simple ideas really work.  The right products make all the difference.

Starts in the Shower

Be careful when putting conditioner in your roots. I try to not use much, if any conditioner in the roots.  Conditioners can weigh down  your roots, focus from the mid shaft down when conditioning.

Boost your Roots

Using a product in your roots makes all the difference to me. There are many great ones to choose from. My favorite is Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Volumizing Spray.  Spray a little in your hair and massage through the roots.

Thicken your Hair

Adding texture and thickness to your roots helps them hold their shape. My favorite product for this is called Redken Thickening Lotion. I like to apply it only to my roots keep the product focused there.

Blow Dry

After applying the products blow dry your hair. How you blow dry you hair helps a lot. Lean over and blow dry upside down.  Get the roots nice and dry.  You should have some great volume now.  This my favorite blow dryer, it dries my hair in half the time.


Use this as needed when styling. Also for extra volume during the day (or when you are not shampooing your hair) big sexy powder play is a miracle worker! Simply tap a little powder in your roots for instant lift and texture. Don’t let the small size fool you, a little goes a long way!  I love this product.

I would love to hear your style tips in the comments. What works for you? What are your favorite products? Don’t forget to try dry shampoo to add volume and completely refresh your hair mid day or in between shampoo’s. I can’t live without this product.

After you have added volume is the perfect time to curl your hair and get it to last.

If you have a little girl and need an easy girl hairstyle, try these ponytail climbers.

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