Summer is right around the corner.  Months of swimming, and sunning and can be quite hard on your hair. Here are some Summer hair hacks to boost your locks and create some quick on the go hair styles that save your hair from heat damage too!  Have you seen my post on how to make curls last?  If you have stick straight hair maybe these tips will help your curls have the staying power you want.  And, don’t forget the cute summer nail designs!

Summer Hair Hacks

Coconut Hair Treatment

We are all dying to have beautiful, healthy hair right? Hair can feel brittle with the dry winter air. Plus, looking our best after some summer swim days can do some serious heat damage to our lovely locks!


DIY Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Try this beauty recipe for a coconut milk mask to get those heads turnin. Your hair will be so shiny! 


Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

The creamy base works well on its own or try a few add-ons like avocado, oils or eggs. Naturally Curly has the recipes here.

Summer Hair Styles

Five Minute Beach Waves

Save your hair from heat damage. The finished effect is perfectly undone waves with just enough volume. This technique also creates volume in limp, straight hair. You can also use this method to smooth unruly natural waves.

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Mastering the Messy Bun 

A messyy bun is a perfect style when you are in a hurry or don’t have time to style your hair.

 Buildable Summer braids

Braids are the perfect way to style summer hair. These styles build on each other each day.  Saving you tons of time.


You might like these cute summer nail designs.

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