Before you see Top Gun: Maverick, try this Top Gun Trivia! Great fun for the gang to see who gets bragging rights for their memory! No spoilers here, just original Top Gun Movie Trivia!

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Tom Cruise in Top Gun

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Top Gun Trivia and Answers

  • Q: Who played Goose’s Wife?
  • A:  Meg Ryan
  • Q: Who sings Danger Zone?
  • A:  Kenny Loggins
  • Q: When was the US Navy elite school for the top 1% of pilots established?
  • A: March 3, 1969
  • Q: What was the purpose of the US Navy elite Pilot School?
  • A: To teach the lost art of aerial combat.
  • Q: At the beginning of the movie, Maverick and Goose engage what type of aircraft over the Indian Ocean?
  • A: MiG 28
  • Q: The MiG 28 had a missile lock on which pilot?
  • A: Cougar
  • Q: What reason did Cougar give for turning in his wings?
  • A: He said he lost the edge.
  • Q: Where was the Top Gun school Maverick and Goose were sent to?
  • A: Miramar, CA  Fightertown USA
  • Q: Top Gun was created to teach. A.C.M.  What does A.C. M. stand for?
  • A: Air Combat Maneuvering (dogfighting)
  • Q: Who was Mike Metcalf?
  • A: The first Top Gun.
  • Q: How many practice combat missions were flown per day?
  • A:  2
  • Q: The Top Gun has the option to do what?
  • A: Come back as an instructor
  • Q: Who was considered the best at Top Gun?
  • A: Iceman
  • Q: What is Maverick’s go-to song in the bar to pick up a girl?
  • A: You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin
  • Q: Where did Maverick follow Charlotte Blackwood to?
  • A: The women’s restroom
  • Q: What did Charlotte say to Goose when she left the restroom?
  • A: Your friend is magnificent.
  • Q: What is Maverick’s rank?
  • A: Lieutenant
  • Q: What did Maverick and Goose get in trouble for after their first practice flight at Top Gun?
  • A: Fly-by of the control tower
  • Q: What did Goose say he needed to learn to be after getting in trouble for a fly-by of the control tower?
  • A: A truck driver.
  • Q: Who was Maverick’s father?
  • A: Duke Mitchell
  • Q: Halfway through the Top Gun school Maverick is two points behind whom?
  • A: Iceman
  • Q: What type of motorcycle does Maverick drive?
  • A: Kawasaki
  • Q: What is Maverick’s real name?
  • A: Pete Mitchell
  • Q: Maverick got in trouble for doing a fly-by over an admiral’s daughter. What is her name?
  • A: Penny Benjamin
  • Q: What was the call sign of the TAGREP (civilian specialist)?
  • A: Charlie
  • Q: What was Charlie’s Ph.D. in?
  • A: astrophysics
  • Q: Maverick disagrees with Charlie when she says a MiG 28 could only do a 1G-dive. What G dive did he say the MiG-28 could do?
  • A: 4G-dive
  • Q: What song does Goose play on the piano?
  • A: Great Balls of Fire
  • Q: Why was Maverick late to dinner at Charlie’s?
  • A: He was playing beach volleyball.
  • Q: What song did Maverick’s mom have him play over and over?
  • A: Sitting by the Dock of the Bay
  • Q: What song plays in the background when Maverick goes to Charlie’s house?
  • A: You take my Breath Away
  • Q: What did Maverick leave Charlie a note on?
  • A: A folded paper airplane
  • Q: What was Maverick told to never do?
  • A:  Leave your wingman
  • Q: What is Goose’s wife’s name?
  • A:  Carole
  • Q: What is Iceman’s last name?
  • A:  Kazansky
  • Q: What happened to Goose when they ejected?
  • A: He hit the canopy.
  • Q: What did Goose’s wife say to Maverick after Goose died?
  • A: “God, he loved flying with you, Maverick.”
  • Q: Viper told Maverick about the reason his father’s death was classified. Why was it classified?
  • A: It was classified because the battle occurred over the wrong line
  • Q: Who earned Top Gun?
  • A: Iceman
  • Q: They were given a mission at graduation over what ocean?
  • A: The Indian Ocean.
  • Q: What was the mission?
  • A: Communication ship SS Layton became disabled and wandered into foreign territory. Mission was to give air support to the rescue.
  • Q:  Who became Maverick’s RIO (Radar Intercept Officer)?
  • A:  Merlin
  • Q: Who was shot down during the mission over the Indian Ocean?
  • A: Hollywood
  • Q: Who was launched to be Iceman’s Wing Man?
  • A:  Maverick
  • Q: What did Maverick do when the last MiG was on him in the mission over the Indian Ocean?
  • A: He hit the brakes and got behind him and shot the MiG down.
  • Q: What did Maverick request on his way in after completing the mission?
  • A: A fly-by
  • Q: What did Iceman say to Maverick after the mission?
  • A: “You are still dangerous. You can be my wingman anytime.”
  • Q: What did Maverick say back to Iceman?
  • A: “Bullshit. You can be mine (wingman).”
  • Q: What did Maverick do with Goose’s dog tags at the end of the mission?
  • A: He threw them into the Indian Ocean.
  • Q: The CDR told Maverick they were giving him the choice of his next duty. What did he choose?
  • A: Instructor at Top Gun
  • Q: What song did Charlie play in the jukebox when she returned to Fightertown, USA, and saw Maverick at the bar?
  • A: You Lost That Loving Feeling
  • Q: Who played Maverick?
  • A: Tom Cruise
top gun trivia and cast

The cast of Top Gun and Call Signs

It may be easy to remember Iceman in Top Gun because Val Kilmer in Top Gun was such an icy, confident guy. Test yourself to see how well you remember the call signs of Tom Cruise and the rest of the crew.

  • Tom Cruise at LT Pete ” Maverick” Mitchell
  • Kelly McGillis as Charlotte” Charlie Blackwood
  • Val Kilmer as LT Tom “Iceman” Kazansky
  • Anthony Edwards as LTJG Nick “Goose” Bradshaw
  • Tom Skerritt as CDR Make “Viper” Metcalf
  • Michael Ironside as LCDR Rick “Jester” Heatherly
  • John Stockwell as LT Bill “Cougar” Cortell
  • Barry Tubb as LTJG Leonard “Wolfman” Wolfe
  • Rick Rossovich as LTJG Ron “Slicer” Kerner
  • Tim Robbins as LTJG Sam “Merlin” Wells
  • Clarence Gilyard as LTJG Marcus “Sundown” Williams
  • Whip Hubley as LT Rick “Hollywood” Neven
  • James Tolkan as CDR Tom “Stinger” Jardian
  • Meg Ryan as Carole Bradshaw

Songs from Top Gun?

To prepare for an evening of fighter pilots in beautiful San Diego, CA, ask Alexa to play the Top Gun soundtrack and ice down your favorite longneck beverages!

How to Use Top Gun Trivia

Print these trivia questions and answers and decide if you will divide your guests into teams or let everyone fend for themselves. Another fun idea would involve lettings people make up their own call signs and insisting they create a backstory for their character in Top Gun!

Now you are up to date on the first Top Gun and ready to see the new Top Gun:Maverick. Have fun!

top gun Maverick

Have More Fun with more Trivia and Games!

In conclusion, thank you for being here today! I hope you had a blast with all things Top Gun. Before you go, here are 4 more highly entertaining games to try with your family and friends! So let me know in the comments how you liked them!

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