Everyone loves a good charcuterie board, and with the holidays right around the corner, you may be looking to have some festive fun with your appetizers. Why not try one of these candy cane charcuterie board ideas? Simple to make, totally customizable, and will show off your holiday spirit!

A holiday charcuterie board is just what a party needs and is the perfect holiday appetizer. Whether you choose a simple board or a themed charcuterie board, you can’t go wrong! Your Christmas party guests will absolutely love all of the options and the sweet treats that are placed before them! 

Grab Your Board Creating Tools

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Whether you are making a bagel board, dessert board, snack boards, or one of these candy cane charcuterie board ideas, you are going to want the right tools! These tools may include a serving board, cheese knives, toothpicks, and more! Below you’ll find a couple of my favorites!

10 Best Candy Cane Charcuterie Boards

This Christmas season, put a little twist on the traditional charcuterie board, and take a stab at some of these candy cane charcuterie board ideas, and make the perfect appetizer! They are great for your upcoming holiday parties or family gatherings.

1. Candy Cane Charcuterie Board

Take a fan-favorite party appetizer and make it festive! This Candy Cane Charcuterie Board from Served from Scratch is a new favorite holiday board. It’s packed full of colors and flavors, and everyone will love the different items like candied cranberries, sliced meats, and cheeses.

candy cane charcuterie board ideas- a board with meats, cheeses, and fresh fruit.
A traditional charcuterie board with all the fixings in the shape of a candy cane.

2. Candy Cane Caprese Board

If your friends and family are fans of Caprese salad, then this fun board is for you! the BAKERMAMA has put together an easy board that is delicious and perfect for your next holiday party. The fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese make for the perfect candy cane stripes. Plus, adding the olive oil, balsamic glaze, and crostinis for dipping brings it all together! You could even put some green olives in small bowls to add something-something!

candy cane charcuterie board ideas- a board with simple mozzarella and tomatoes with a balsamic glaze.
With an Italian twist, this charcuterie board mixes tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, olive oil, and crostinis.

3. Candy Cane Charcuterie Board With Chocolate

A festive charcuterie board is full of reds, greens, and whites! This candy cane charcuterie board from Kitchen Fun with my 3 sons doesn’t skimp on the holiday spirit. The red and white colored foods make this candy cane shape really pop. Every guest will love the mozzarella balls, white cheddar, fresh fruit, and all the other savory, sweet and salty finger foods! Make your holiday spread more festive with fresh rosemary around the candy cane. 

candy cane charcuterie board ideas- a board with white chocolate pretzels, cheese, meat, and rosemary garnish
A quick and kid-friendly candy cane charcuterie board with chocolate-dipped pretzels and fresh fruit.

4. Candy, Cookies, And Cheese Charcuterie Board

Totally The Bomb has rounded up some great candy cane charcuterie board ideas, and they all look absolutely delicious. But the one that really caught my eye was the board from Ain’t Too Proud To Meg! A mixture of a traditional board with sliced meats like dry salami and candies and cookies, making it a Christmas dessert charcuterie board and a regular meat board all in one! Maybe we should call this one a candy board or cookie board?

candy cane charcuterie board ideas- a board cookies, candies, fruit, and more,
A charcuterie board full of candies, cookies, and fruits!

5. Caprese Candy Cane Board With Bread

Sometimes a festive Candy Cane Caprese Charcuterie Board is just not enough! This charcuterie board from Mom Does Reviews and Recipes takes simple ingredients and kicks them up a notch! The perfect board for holiday entertaining! Your guests will love creating their own Caprese finger sandwiches with the provided baguette slices and balsamic glaze.

candy cane charcuterie board ideas- a heartier board with tomatoes mozzarella, and bread.
Let your holiday guests create their own Caprese sandwiches with these ingredients.


This candy cane board from Fun Money Mom may be your absolute favorite if you love meat and cheese! Find your favorite meats and cheeses, and just add them all onto your board in the shape of a candy cane! The best thing is you can use a cutting board as a serving platter. You can easily put together a list of ingredients like Monterey jack cheese, goat cheese, or good food add-ons at your favorite grocery store like Trader Joe’s.

candy cane charcuterie board ideas- a simple board with red fruits, white cheese, and different meat.
An Italian charcuterie board with mozzarella, tomatoes, and all the meat!

7. The Easiest Caprese Board

If you just want some juicy tomatoes and slices of fresh mozzarella cheese this holiday season, then this simple candy cane Caprese board is for you! Recipe Girl makes this board one of the simplest candy cane charcuterie board ideas I have ever seen. She even gives you step-by-step instructions for her simple balsamic glaze. Add some baguette slices, and you’ve got yourself one delicious charcuterie board!

candy cane charcuterie board ideas- a 5-ingredient board of mozzarella cheese, and tomatoes that can be made and served within 10 minutes.
A simple Italian favorite. Mozzarella and juicy tomatoes combine to create a Caprese charcuterie board.

8. Pepperoni and salami CANDY CANE CHARCUTERIE

The meat definitely takes a lead role in this charcuterie board from Mooshu Jenne. A beautiful board of mozzarella, pepperoni, and salami topped with fresh cherry tomatoes is a great way to serve some fan favorites on Christmas day. Garnish with fresh basil and serve on a large dark stone board to make the colors pop! 

candy cane charcuterie board ideas- a board with  pepperoni, salami, and cheese topped with tomatoes and fresh basil.
A meat-filled candy cane charcuterie board with some pops of white and green.

9. Easy to learn Candy Cane Charcuterie Board

Sometimes charcuterie boards can be a little intimidating, especially if you are in charge of bringing one to a big Christmas eve party! Attempts at Domestication can make anything fun, gives you step-by-step directions, and even helps you fold the salami correctly! Add in some marshmallows, soft cheeses, or strawberries to give this board some variety.

candy cane charcuterie board ideas- a board with meats, cheeses, and fresh fruit and pretzels
A quick and easy charcuterie board that anyone can enjoy this holiday season.

10. Candy Cane Caprese Board

Looking for an easy, elegant way to wow your holiday guests at your Christmas parties? You should try this 5-ingredient, 10-minute Caprese candy cane board from The Comfort of Cooking! This candy cane is perfect for an appetizer before Christmas dinner and is gorgeous when served on a large cutting board!

candy cane charcuterie board ideas- a board with mozzarella, tomatoes, crostinis, and balsamic glaze.
A Caprese charcuterie board that will please any guest and is only 5-ingredients!

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