Have you ever made your own household cleaners? With a little extra effort you can make your own cleaning supplies at home.  Not only do these products save you money but you can make a large amount for very little money. I love that I can know everything used to make these cleaners so your kids and you will benefit too, especially if you have allergies or are just sensitive to smells! You will want to make sure you see these amazing household cleaning tips.
household cleaners
You problably have the ingredients already at your house. Once again vinegar proves to a a great household cleaner.
household cleaners
 You won’t believe you can clean your stainless steel with one ingredient!
household cleaners
DIY Oven Cleaner
If you have ever used oven cleaner you know you need a mask and a strong fan! Not with this easy non toxic recipe!
household cleanersHomemade Goo Gone
Make your own homemade goo gone.  It doesn’t smell so strong and you know what the ingredients are!  Plus it really works.
household cleanersHomemade Granite Cleaner
This homemade granite cleaner leaves the granite so shiny! It’s inexpensive to make and you probably have everything you need on hand.
household cleaners
This not only saves you money (it lasts a year) but you can create a customized scent!  She shares her recipes and tips after using it a year!
household cleanersDIY Reuseable Dryer Sheets
This method leaves clothing soft and smelling great and it’s reuseable too!household cleaners
DIY Laundry Softener
This makes towels extra soft and fluffy and smell great too! All  you need is a mason jar, the vinegar, & of course the water, this batch of laundry softener only costs $1.54.
homemade cleaners

Homemade Spray Starch Recipe
You will be blown away with how well this works. Just a light coat and have stiff starched napkins.

homemade cleaners

If you don’t like to dump harsh chemicals down the drain here is an easy drain cleaner recipe!
It’s lotion in a bar… better year you can make it yourself.
homemade cleaners

DIY Bar Soap
Making homemade soap couldn’t be easier. You will have so much fun getting creative with this fabulous recipes!

homemade cleaners

Homemade Windex
This is streak free! You can add a few drops of blue food coloring if you want it to resemble windex more. You might just like it more than windex!

homemade cleaners

Make your own dishwasher tablets for only three cents each!

homemade cleaners

You can presoak, pretreat and get out stains all with this easy homemade shout recipe!
homemade cleaners

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  1. Thanks so much for this post! I love using more natural, simple cleaners in our home. I use the baking soda/vinegar drain cleaner (and love it!), but some of these are new to me. I can’t wait to try them out!

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