Exam season is upon us, and supporting our college students through this academic marathon matters. A care package can be a real morale booster during the stressful time. Create an exam care package that brings comfort, motivation, and happiness to those hitting the books.

an excited college student opening an exam care packaging

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What should be included in a final exam care package?

Creating a thoughtful final exam care package for finals week can be a fantastic way to show support during a stressful time. Consider including these items to make an epic and encouraging care package:

  • Encouraging Notes: Personalized messages or motivational quotes can provide a morale boost.
  • Study Essentials: Include useful supplies like highlighters, pencils, sticky notes, index cards, or study planners, and cute folders to help with organization.
  • Brain-Boosting Healthy Snacks: Nutritious and energizing snacks such as nuts, granola bars, dark chocolate, sunflower seeds, or dried fruits are great brain foods and can keep energy levels up. You might even include some vitamins to make sure they get all their nutrients.
  • Comfort Food and Treats: Popcorn, cookies, chips, gummy bears whatever their favorite snacks and treats may be to provide a tasty pick-me-up during study sessions.
  • Stress-Relief Items: Consider adding gum, stress ball, fidget toy, hacky sacks, jump rope aromatherapy candles, soothing teas, or relaxation aids to help with stress management.
  • Self-Care Products: Face masks, bath bombs, or a small self-care kit can encourage moments of relaxation.
  • Printable Tags or Reminders: Provide printable tags or notes with encouraging messages or reminders to take breaks.
  • Comfort Items: Cozy socks, a comfy blanket, or a favorite book can provide comfort during breaks.
  • Gift Cards or Vouchers: Consider including a voucher for a coffee shop, ice cream shop or a streaming service subscription for some relaxation time.
  • Gadgets or Tech Aids: Portable chargers, blue light glasses, or noise-canceling earphones might be practical study supplies.

Free Printable Exam Care Package Tags

Sharing a glimpse of the printable tags I included in my daughter’s finals care package. From our FaceTime call, it was clear she adored it! It truly brightened her day, serving as a perfect pick-me-up. The special treats with clever tags became our way of wishing her luck and letting her know we are right there with her in spirit.

college student showing contents of final exam care package
Good Luck Bella!

How to Use

In the world of care packages, adding a dash of creativity can make all the difference. Enter cute tags with clever puns! These little additions not only bring a smile but also serve as thoughtful reminders of your support and encouragement.

exam care package printable tags
Exam Care Package Tags

Attach the tags to coordinating small gifts with clear tape, washi tape, twine and or ribbon.

small treats with cute tags for exam care package
Fun Items for Exam Care Package Gift Basket

Download the PDF clicking the button below the image. Print in color on white cardstock. Cut the tags out. You can use a 2.5 inch circle punch if you want circles.

printable exam tags not cut out
Free Printable Exam Care Package Gift Tags to Print and Use on Special Treats

Related: Looking for more tags for test taking encouragement see these Student Approved Care Packages for Test Taking & Finals. There are 48 more puntastic sayings! I used many of these along with the ones above.

The beauty of these tags lies in their versatility and ability to add a personal touch to each item. With a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of punny humor, these tags turn a care package into a bundle of joy and encouragement!

A Year Full of Care Packages

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