Are you a die-hard Harry Potter fan looking to add a touch of wizardry to your next movie night or Harry Potter party? Look no further! We’ve gathered some enchanting Harry Potter charcuterie board ideas from three fantastic blogs that will surely cast a spell on your taste buds.

I am always looking for simple charcuterie tools to make my life easier while creating boards like these Harry Potter charcuterie board ideas. I’ve gathered up some of my favorites and added them below. These tools help you create the perfect Harry Potter charcuterie board elements.

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3 Harry Potter Charcuterie Board Ideas

Harry Potter has a huge fan base! If you or one of your loved ones absolutely love the movies or Harry Potter books, then these Harry Potter recipes are definitely right up your alley, Diagon Alley, that is.

1. Create a Decadent Magical Wizard Dessert Board in 3 Easy Steps

Everyone loves themed foods, and at Riles and Bash, they’ve perfected the art of creating a charcuterie board fit for the Wizarding World. If you are looking for a tasty treat. The star of this Harry Potter-themed dessert board is their sorting hat cupcakes, a clever and delicious nod to the series, broom candies, chocolate frogs, and small bowls of M&Ms in house colors. All of this is paired with a variety of fresh fruits. It’s a delightful option for any Harry Potter movie night or party.

*Pro Tip:* Add some Ferrero Rocher golden snitches for an extra magical touch that will delight Harry Potter fans of all ages.

Gummy worms, grapes, m&m's, chocolate frogs, and candy brooms fills Riles and Bash's Harry Potter themed charcuterie board.
Like a Stop at Honeydukes Sweet Shop!

2. Epic Harry Potter Charcuterie Board

It’s always a good idea to have multiple food options when hosting a Halloween party or a wizarding world of Harry Potter party. The Scrap Shoppe Blog takes themed charcuterie boards to a whole new level with their epic Harry Potter charcuterie board. This board is a treasure trove of Harry Potter foods, from sorting hat dogs to howler envelope snacks. A great addition is the candy corn and butterbeer drinks on the side, which makes this a must-have for any die-hard fan. You can even add some plastic spiders. 

*Pro Tip:* Don’t forget to include a selection of your favorite meats and cheese slices to balance out the sweet treats on this magical board. 

The Scrap Shoppe Blog created a Harry Potter charcuterie board that includes meat, cheese, raspberries, crackers, and candy corn.
Sorting Hats and Howlers all your friends will love!


Mom on the Side has crafted a charcuterie board that captures the essence of a Hogwarts feast. It features a delectable array of snacks, including sour gummy worms, fresh fruit, and cheese puffs. This board truly tributes to the wizarding world and the Hogwarts houses. Including a Harry Potter cauldron mug and butterbeer recipe adds a delightful touch.

*Pro Tip:* Complete the experience and step this entire board up a notch. Add some ice cream, pumpkin pastries, or even some butterbeer cupcakes.

Mom on the Side prepared a Harry Potter board with fresh fruit, gummy worms, cheese puffs, and butter beer.
“I solemnly swear I am up to no good!”

These Harry Potter charcuterie boards are not only a feast for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes. With careful arrangement and attention to detail. You can recreate these boards on a smaller scale if you want to. They may be perfect for a small Harry Potter birthday party, Halloween party, or even a game day with fellow fans.

The best part?  Most of the ingredients can be found at your local grocery store. You’ll be able to find some specialty items at Trader Joe’s or Universal Studios for an extra special touch.

Creating a Harry Potter-themed charcuterie board brings the magic of the wizarding world into your real-life gatherings. Whether it’s for a birthday party, movie night, or holiday party, these boards are sure to be the highlight of the evening. So grab your wand (or, in this case, a cutting board) and start conjuring up your own magical masterpiece! Don’t forget to share your creations on social media and spread the Harry Potter love!

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