I am totally amazed by these unique pumpkin carving ideas! Halloween is right around the corner, and that means you get to carve a pumpkin. Such a great time to get creative and have a little fun. So here you go…cool pumpkin carving ideas!

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Pumpkin Carving Ideas

We love celebrating Halloween at our home. Check out our favorite Halloween activities.

We have so many funny, easy pumpkin carving ideas! Carving pumpkins is a great way to thrill trick or treaters.

Pumpkins can make great Halloween decor on your front porch, especially when they’re all lit up at night. So let’s make an amazing Jack O Lantern with a cool pumpkin design. Get kids involved, too – it’s just so much fun!

Whether you want to carve a classic jack, or you’d like to use a pumpkin carving pattern there are lots of cute pumpkin carving ideas here.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

A cheesy grin is pretty fun, but why not have the best house in the neighborhood with these amazing and funny pumpkin carving ideas?

These adorable toothy pumpkins can be yours! Simply follow the step by step and you will have a very cheery front porch! Oh those teeth!

Pumpkin Carving Ideas smiling faces
  • Etched Leaves Pumpkin Carving Idea: Why spend time carving out a pumpkin’s seeds and guts when you can etch beautiful designs into the side like this fall-inspired pumpkin? If you have a linoleum cutter, this pumpkin carving idea will come together in a snap!
  • How about a Friendly Vampire pumpkin face? No bloodthirsty monsters here. Yes, he’s got a set of fangs, but what’s not to love about this adorable Dracula face?
  • We love us some Halloween pumpkin carving at our house. This year I wanted a way to really liven up our carved pumpkins. I thought big DIY lighted eyes would do the trick!

Zombie skeleton hands are rising up — in your lawn. Life-sized bony limbs fit stretched across double decker gourds. This is a great use for small pumpkins and other irregular shaped pumpkins and gourds.

hands on pumpkins

Cookie cutters can make wonderful designs on a pumpkin.

pumpkin with fall leaves made with cookie cutters

Pumpkin stems can be such a clever detail to the pumpkin. How fun is that witch nose?


Pumpkin Designs To Wow!

These twisty vines are pretty and fun! I just love unique pumpkin carving ideas and unusual designs.

cool pumpkin carving ideas

Check out some of these other super cool pumpkin designs!

  • Spots and Dots: It may look elaborate, but this polka dots pattern is fairly easy and makes display.
  • Faux Bois Pumpkin: Looping wood grain onto your pumpkin is such a cool, unexpected twist. We did this one last year and we had trick-or-treaters doing double takes at this pumpkin because it was so eye-catching.
  • Big Dipper Pumpkin: A twinkling twist on typical carved decor, this cool pumpkin carving idea looks just like the night sky when it’s lit up! If you’re into astronomy, how neat would it be to do a few different constellations and put them all together?

A ghost pumpkin is of course the perfect theme and this one has a template to trace.

Spooky Drilled Pumpkins: Varying sizes of drill bits make this boo-tiful pumpkin. An orange gourd would work too) a breeze to create. How cute does this pumpkin look dressed up with a few little props?

cool pumpkin carving ideas

Funny Pumpkins

Recreate your family by making a Pumpkin Family! This is a funny and cool way to make a family portrait this Halloween! Making these is so fun, and the end results are guaranteed to generate laughter!

funny pumpkin carving ideas

Grow a head of hair! Growing hair for your pumpkin is easy and looks pretty amazing!

unique pumpkin ideas

Owl City: This family of birds is a literal hoot. Carve out their cute expressions using free templates, and then attach painted nuts for tiny ears and feet.

jack o lantern


Make a spooky costume family. Just grab some costumes and have some fun! This is a great way to reuse costume accessories from previous Halloweens!

funny easy pumpkin carving ideas

Cool Pumpkin Carving Ideas

No need for ordinary pumkins. These ideas elevated pumpkin carving for sure. Great ideas for a variety of sizes from smaller pumpkins to larger ones.

  • Check out this unusually Spooky Face. Using white pumpkins is the super easy way to up your jack-o-lantern game. Such a small change can really transform the end results of your cool pumpkin designs.
  • Fairy Pumpkin house: Halloween doesn’t have to be scary! I love how fanciful and whimsical this cute pumpkin carving idea came out! Gourd-and-berry window boxes are the perfect touch to this charming pumpkin home.
  • These sunflower pumpkins are unbelievable. Sunflower season might be over but that doesn’t mean you can’t have these beauties blooming on your front porch during the fall months.

Cute Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Adorable Lollipop Pumpkin: Enjoy this pumpkin in the weeks following Halloween by indulging in these sweet lollipops (suckers). I just love this one.

carving pumpkins
Pumpkin with Lollipop Haire

This 3 D Snail is darling and would be a fun family project. Step by step tutorial makes is so easy!

snail pumpkin
Snail Pumpkin

Add a magical touch to Halloween with this adorable Unicorn Pumpkin!

unicorn pumpkin
Unicorn Pumpkin

Minion Pumpkin Tutorial

Minions Pumpkins

Unique Pumpkin Carving

Think outside of the box with these unusual ways to use a large pumpkin! People will be doing a double-take with this crazy pumpkin design.

cute pumpkin carving ideas

Make an alarm clock! This alarm clock put together several pumpkins to make a unique and fun pumpkin!

cool pumpkin designs

Make a Bean Bag toss Pumpkin: No, these pumpkins aren’t screaming, they are getting ready to join in on the festivities. Stack two on top of each other, give them a big enough mouth, and you’ve got the perfect bean bag toss game.

Are you a pumpkin carving expert? Take a look at these mind-blowing works of art made out of pumpkins!

This pumpkin is so unique and amazing. You won’t believe the incredible work this pumpkin carver is doing.

Unbelievable is what I would call hand in the pumpkin and carving skills!

Cool Pumpkin Ideas

Are you having a Halloween party this year? Impress your Halloween party guests by serving up apple cider inside a carved-out pumpkin. What a clever idea!

large pumpkin
Pumpkin Punch Bowl

A hollowed out pumpkin can also make a great wine chiller for a party!

Pumpkin Wine Bucket

These pumpkin votives are a fun way to decorate for Halloween. Line them on some steps or around the pumpkins on your porch or they are perfect for a centerpiece.

You don’t just have to carve. There are so many fun ways to dress up a pumpkin with paint and add embellishments with hot glue!

Plaid Vase Pumpkin Carving Idea: Who said you had to use pumpkins just to carve Jack-o-Lanterns? This year add a festive fall touch to your home with this cutely painted pumpkin vase. Just fill a mason jar with a beautiful bouquet to set inside your beautifully decorated pumpkin.

  • M&Ms Pumpkin: Candy lovers will obsess over this pumpkin that’s been transformed into a giant bowl of M&Ms. Biting into them won’t be quite as satisfying as the real thing, though..
  • Patterned pumpkins: You can create all of these nifty designs using acrylic paint and painter’s tape in any color you want. This is such a clever and satisfying way to perfectly coordinate your seasonal fall decor with lawn furniture, porch rugs, or indoor spaces.
  • Succulent Arrangement: This gorgeous gourd works as a front door decoration and table centerpiece. Such a great way to decorate with succulents this fall. set a container right on top of the pumpkin and fill… no need to cut the p

This is a creative way to give out candy! Make a Chalk Paint Pumpkin Candy Holder. Using a faux pumpkin means you can use this year after year. Simply use a knife to cut out a hole in the side (make sure the edges aren’t sharp), and fill with goodies! A clever way to get a treat.

pumpkin carving ideas

Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Kids

While pumpkin carving is a fun activity for kids and families it can be intimidating! Let me share my best pumpkin carving tricks. From how to gut a pumpkin to how to carve, these easy pumpkin carving ideas will help you and your kids create some amazing pumpkins. We use a simple (and fun) trick to remove the insides of the pumpkin. There are even free templates!

 My Pumpkin Carving Tricks


Free Pumpkin Carving Stencils and Templates

Click on through for pumpkin carving stencils for a spider, skull, black cat, haunted house and more! These templates make pumpkin carving easy for kids! with these.

Free Pumpkin Carving Stencils

spider pumpkin carving stencil

If you need a bit of inspiration and direction to carve the perfect pumpkin face I have created the jack o lantern templates to make pumpkin carving easy!

Jack O Lantern Faces Pumpkin Carving Templates

funny jack o lantern face

Now you can be expert pumpkin carvers.

Pumpkin Carving Supplies

Here are a few pumpkin carving kits and supplies that make pumpkin carving a breeze.

More Pumpkin Ideas

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