Well hello there Skip to My Lou readers!  My name is Abby and I blog over at Twist Me Pretty.  I’m a mother of two gorgeous kiddos and wife to one super busy graduate student.  Twist Me Pretty is where I explore my creativity and tell behind the scene stories about my life in Utah.  You’ll find hairstyle tutorials, family recipes and budget friendly projects.  I’d love to see you stop by- new friends are the best!  Alright alright, on to the fun stuff!

A Hairstyle How-to

I love Blake Lively.  It all started with my obsession for gossip girl.  She’s just gorgeous and has this amazing bohemian style.  Always put together but in such a messy, out of place sort of way.  I saw this hairstyle floating around Pinterest and on a whim decided to throw it together.  I feel like this style can be glammed up or down depending on the accessories and clothing you choose to pair with it.  Blake dressed up this style by wearing a fancy dress and a gorgeous gold clip.  Take out the bling, the extensions and put on some regular cotton clothes and you get… well… my half of the picture.

It’s a gorgeous style and so so easy to replicate.  Let’s get to it shall we?!  I’ll be assuming you’re familiar with a couple of terms.  If you’re not, don’t worry.  I’ll be linking you up to a couple of video tutorials so you can start from the very beginning!


 First things first.  You’ve gotta start with some texture in your hair or the style just won’t look the same as beautiful Blake Lively’s.  To see the tutorial on how I got these beach waves visit me here.

 >>> Step 1–  Take two front sections of hair and pin them together off to the side you want your braid to hang.  To see how I insert my bobby pins, check out this tutorial here

 >>> Step 2– Take a chunk of hair just below your ear and fishtail braid it.  If you’re rusty on your fishtail braid you can check that video out here

 >>> Step 3–  Before you tie off your fishtail, loosen it.  Pull and tug out the pieces to make your braid look full and messy

 >>> Step 4–  Once it’s to your liking, tie it off with a clear elastic

 >>> Step 5–  Now you’re going to push your fishtail off to the side for a minute and braid the rest of your hair.  It’s just a regular 3 piece braid.  Nothing too fancy!

 >>> Step 6–  Next you’re going to pull and tug on the braid so that it’s nice and loose and then add your fishtail braid to it and tie it off!

Viola!  This style is a great second or third day hairstyle.  You don’t want clean, fresh hair for this style.  It won’t hold as well and it’ll look too put together.  What’s pretty about this style is that it’s messy and random!

 So.  If you’re itching for some new do’s go check out my style gallery where you’ll find over 80 tutorials.  Hope to see you soon!

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  1. I’m with Cheryl (TM) – love your site Abby! And love this hairstyle- thanks for sharing!

  2. What a fun look. I am excited to check out your blog to see what other hairstyles you have. I am always looking for new things for my daughters hair.

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