If you are celebrating an anniversary or know someone that is here are some ideas for anniversary gifts by year. A thoughtful present is a great way to mark these milestones.

Anniversary gifts by year printable for year, traditions, modern and flowers
Anniversary Gifts Printable

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Use this list as inspiration to help you come up with something meaningful to celebrate a special couple in your life or give your spouse the perfect gift.

If you want to give a gift that will mark this special occasion and make someone feel loved read on. This list gives ideas on what kind of gifts are appropriate for each year married, from an early milestone all the way through platinum-level partnerships.

3rdLeatherCrystal or glass
4thFruit or flowersAppliances
6thCandy or IronWood
7thWool or CopperDesk Sets
8thBronzeLinens or Lace
10thTin or AluminumDiamond Jewelry
11thSteelFashion Jewelry
13thLaceTextiles or Furs
14thIvoryGold Jewelry

Here are some gift ideas to mark the special day.

First-Year Wedding Gifts

It is hard to top the engagement ring. Paper is the traditional first-year gift for couples so a note on paper is a simple and sentimental gift. Make it extra special by placing it in a beautiful gift box. Every year add a love note to create a heartfelt gift. Monogrammed stationery, books, or a wedding photo are more ideas. The modern option is a clock to mark the time.

5th Year

You’ve survived the first few years of marriage and are now on to bigger and better things. Cotton is the traditional gift so how about home decor? New pillows with art canvas would be an everyday reminder of your anniversary years.

10th Year

There are many ways to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Go for a romantic getaway, or have an intimate dinner party with friends or family. A twist on the standard gift of leather could be a leather passport case or travel bag for a vacation. If you prefer crystal splurge on beautiful glasses for a dinner party or wine tasting.

15 Years of Marriage

It is time to commemorate this special occasion. A watch might be the perfect gift. Spending time together is always a great gift. Getting away will give both of you an opportunity to reconnect with each other and have some amazing memories that will last forever.

20 Years

Celebrating two decades of marriage can be an exciting moment. Traditionally, China is given as a token that symbolizes the beautiful life you’ve built with your special someone and it’s meant to signify how committed both partners are in their relationship. The modern take on this? Platinum! Be creative and share a personalized gift or even things related based on hobbies or your history together.

25th Anniversary

Consider the traditional anniversary present, which for this year would be silver. A silver piece of jewelry, a watch, or a pair of cufflinks are all perfect—but know that you don’t have to take your anniversary themes quite so literally: You can also choose from among other sliver-colored things like luxurious silky gray pajamas, sliver photo frame or fancy espresso machine!

50th Anniversary

Known as the “golden wedding anniversary,” this milestone is celebrated with gold because it’s a luxurious material that lasts forever. You can choose from delicate bracelets, a ring or gold-rimmed sunglasses for your golden anniversary.

60th Anniversary

A 60th anniversary is a huge deal. Couples celebrating this milestone have been married for over half of their lives and they’ve had to communicate, compromise, and grow together again and again- all while sharing many beautiful moments along the way! Modern guidelines dictate that you celebrate with diamonds. It makes sense since they are, formed over the course of many years, made strong and beautiful by withstanding great amounts of pressure.

Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Celebrating a marriage is one of the most romantic gestures you can do for someone you love. Whether it’s been 50 years together or just two months, celebrate this union with a special gift. I hope these modern and traditional anniversary gifts by year give you some great ideas. You might also like these homemade wedding gift ideas.

Gift Ideas For Other Occasions

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  1. Thank you so much for these beautiful gift ideas! It’s super easy to make! Highly recommended!

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  3. Great ideas! I remember seeing lists like these in the tiny free calendars that Hallmark used to give out. Haven’t gotten one of those in YEARS! This is a great reference for planning presents both for my husband AND for other people I would give anniversary presents to!

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