Beans and I are so excited to be over from If you’ve never been to our site before we are an all about hairstyle site with fun tips and tutorials on everything hair. We’d like to thank Skip To My Lou for the opportunity to share our talent with you. Come check out my hair styles- perfect for Easter or any day!

Today we are going to show you how to make a five strand braid into a beautiful five strand PUFFY BRAID.

Step one you are going to braid your standard five strand braid. If you’ve never done a five strand braid we can help you with that. Before attempting a puffy braid check out our video on the five strand braid.

Starting with a clean smooth head of hair. It looks great with curly or straight hair but to make it easy for you I made sure her hair was nice and straight. We flat ironed her hair for this style.

Once at the bottom of the braid DO NOT SECURE WITH AN ELASTIC (Yet). To make it puffy you start with the bottom and loosen the outer most part of the braid

Starting with the bottom outer part of the braid you will start to loosen up your braid only on the outer parts of  your braid. Make sure you are holding the bottom securely. The last thing you want to do is let go and loose the whole style. You’re almost done!!!

Work your way through the midsection going back and forth from side-to-side.

See how pretty it is! Its amazing when you can take something that is simple and turn it into something really pretty and elegant. This is one of those styles. At this point you can use and elastic to secure the ponytail. I never suggest braiding all the way down the tail if you are going to puff it out. It starts to look not so pretty at that point.

Add your favorite bow and you are set! Super pretty and so easy once you get the braiding down. This one usually takes us only a few minutes to get done before we send Beans off to school. We get compliments on this one anytime we do it.

Thank you again Skip To My Lou for inviting us to guest post. We love your site and have had fun using many of your great crafts for different holidays. We even made a Skip To My Lou headband a few years back. Keep the great tutorials and ideas coming!

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  1. Puffy five strand braid….. I love this. Seriously… I’m going to have to try this one since I wear my hair in a braid nearly every day 😉 I really love the bow accent you added to the hairdo. A gal after my own heart! I actually have a little bow shop for anyone that wants to replicate this hairdo or is interested. A bow makes any quick hairdo cute! Check it out 🙂

  2. This looks absolutely amazing!!! I had 3 boys and then finally got my girl, so I was/am challenged in the hairdo dept. I have always wanted to find a site with ideas for girls’ – especially girls of color- hair. Thank you!

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